Clannad Episode 17 – Fight!

Last episode Okazaki, Sunohara, and Kyou played a mean game of basketball and managed to beat the basketball team in a exhibition match, albeit just barely.

The plan was to get the choir club to let the theatre club have Koumura-sensei as their club advisor after seeing the hard fought match. We haven’t seen how that’s played out just yet, but we should find out this episode!


With the outcome of the basketball team, it seems that the Sunohara’s plan has mostly worked! The choir club is willing to share Koumura-sensei as club advisor with the theatre club – permitting that the student council will let them. Nagisa asks the student council, and gets denied. The school policy is that clubs can only operate with an advisor present, and even though the choir and theatre clubs are willing to take turns and only operate every other day or so, the student council will still not allow it due to there being no precedent.

Nagisa then faints. She is taken home, and her parents thank Okazaki & friends for bringing her back, and mention that she won’t be at school for a while. Get well soon, Nagisa.

Okazaki wakes up the next morning to Tomoyo in his room. His dad had let her in, and she was there to make sure he wasn’t late for school. They then go and wake up Sunohara in order to make sure he isn’t late either. At lunch, Okazaki eats with Kyou and Ryou. Kyou tries to get Okazaki closer to Ryou, and it’s clear she’s trying to get them together. After school, Tomoyo ends up hanging out with Okazaki and Sunohara. Sunohara takes them to a sketchy part of town, and a bunch of delinquents recognize Tomoyo. Okazaki then has them detour to a cafe.

The next day, Okazaki is reminded of the student council election that is coming up, and realizes that if Tomoyo gets in that she could help with the theatre club’s situation. At lunch Okazaki eats with Kyou and Ryou again. After school Okazaki is leaving with Tomoyo and Sunohara when a bunch of delinquents show up to fight Tomoyo. They all get into a fight and the delinquents end up running off. A teacher shows up and Okazaki takes the blame for the fight.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll also add there was a moment in the episode where Okazaki learned a charm to be trapped alone in the gym storage room with a girl, and he ended up trapped in the gym storage room with Kyou, which was pretty funny. It’s pretty clear that Kyou likes Okazaki, but she’s trying to get Okazaki and Ryou together, probably because Ryou isn’t that outgoing. The thing is, I don’t think this situation has ever worked out before, and I’m having flashbacks to School Days…

I’m sure the Kyou / Ryou situation will be addressed in the next arc. Until then, we got to see more Tomoyo, and it’s looking like her story is going to be picking up here.

Okazaki took the fall for her fight, because she’s running for student council president. The thing is, it’s partially Sunohara’s fault for bringing Tomoyo to her old stomping grounds anyways, so hopefully he gets roped into the punishment also.

Oh, and Fuko showed up again! I almost forgot to mention that. Useless as usual, this time Fuko told everyone that she had hidden starfish in the surrounding area. Anyone who wanted to get more than one had better hurry! Unfortunately, no one was interested. And so Fuko left, her job done.

Was a fun episode, and with Nagisa sick it looks like Okazaki has nothing else to do but help Tomoyo with the student council election. I’m curious what sort of punishment he’ll get for taking the blame for the fight too.

In Conclusion…

Good episode, we’re starting to get into Tomoyo’s story here. Kyou’s trying to make moves too, which creates a whole other situation.

Tomoyo is just so cute! I don’t know what it is about her, but I love her grey hair and blue eyes, her calm demeanor…

Looking forward to the next one!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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