Date A Live S2 E7 – Kurumi Returns!

Last episode, “Shiori” and friends put on a show in order to try and compete with Miku’s performance, as the winning school from the Ten Schools Festival will determine whether Miku allows her powers to be sealed or not. Meanwhile, Origami is fighting the DEM Industries AST unit in the sky above the festival grounds.

So the question now is, how will the results of the festival play out?

Date A Live S2 – Shocking Announcement Edition

Brief Synopsis

Almost immediately, the results for the festival are announced. First, the best performance is announced, and given to Miku’s school. This causes Miku to begin gloating, assuming she had won. But then, it’s announced that overall, the best school is Shido’s school, due to their maid cafe receiving raving reviews.

Miku, as expected, doesn’t go through with her end of the deal, and throws a tantrum. She summons a giant organ on the stage and causes everyone in the building to bend to her will. All of the spirits but Tohka are affected, and even Ratatoskr are affected. Shido is pinned down, and Miku discovers that he is a man, increasing her anger. In the skies, Origami is just about beat when Mana shows up, claiming to now work for Ratatoskr. Later on, Mana also goes to the Ratatoskr ship and knocks some sense into everyone, breaking Miku’s control over them.

Shido escapes with Tohka, but Ellen then shows up in an AST suit and captures Tohka. Shido flees to a nearby abandoned building. And there, he runs into Kurumi Tokisaki. Kurumi offers Shido a deal – that she will help him get Tohka back for a favour.

The two team up and break into Miku’s mansion. They head to her room, and we see some CD’s with Miku on them, but under a different name. Kurumi uses her powers to unlock the memories from them, but doesn’t tell Shido what happened in Miku’s past.

Things are starting to get very interesting.. and exciting.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll admit, I had almost lost complete interest in this arc. What I had expected was Miku throwing a tantrum, and Shido somehow managing to calm her down and win her over. Sort of like how all of the other spirits were won over to Shido’s side. But what we got instead was so much more, so much better!

Kurumi is back baby, just when the series needed her the most. After this episode, I went from not really wanting to watch the next episode to immediately binging the next episode. I’ve already seen the next episode as I write this, I couldn’t help myself. I had to see more Kurumi. If you thought this episode was excellent, just wait till next week…!

Anyways, a few other points from this episode.

First is Mana returning. We know she escaped the hospital, but didn’t know where she ended up. So it’s clear she somehow went to Ratatoskr. I’ll be honest though, I feel like they could have written this episode in a way that Origami just manages to win the fight and then have Reine get the Ratatoskr people back to their senses. In other words, I’m going to continue to unjustify Mana’s existence.

My last point is just that I’m glad we get to see Shido again. No more Shiori from here on out hopefully. With how things are going, Shido is going to have to step up. Shido + Kurumi is the best combination I could have asked for. Sorry Tohka, but Kurumi is the best girl from Date A Live.

In Conclusion…

Amazing episode. Miku’s arc has taken a very exciting turn that I definitely didn’t expect. Mana is back, but much more importantly, Kurumi is back. With Kurumi back in the picture, things can only get better from here!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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