Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 11) – Lunatic of the Rebellion

Last episode featured a seemingly pointless duel between Cassim and Taichi. It ended with us learning that the rebellion had begun, despite a battle having already been fought.

Brief Synopsis

The true rebellion battle begins this episode. All of the “hero” characters split up and fight a powerful enemy one-on-one – Rin with some axe woman, Lemiya with some old guy, and Myura with some pompus knight. Taichi in the meantime jumps straight to the enemy’s command tent.

Taichi asks the enemy commander, the king’s brother, to give up and negotiate. While this is happening, the enemy second-in-command casts a spell that turns corpses into mindless zombies, or “berserkers” as he calls them. Although they aren’t doing much in terms of berserking, they’re more like lifeless statues.

The man then proceeds to explain his entire plan in meticulous detail, from who instructed him to why he supported the rebellion and worked to make it happen. All for this moment, apparently.

Episode Thoughts

Once again, I thought the action from this episode was pretty good. The fights were pretty good, although one of these days I’d like to see a fight that didn’t involve pauses for talking, which all of them featured. I just think it’d be great to see a fight, no conversation.

I thought the lunatic guy spilling the beans on his entire plan was lame, and while he was boasting about his zombies they seemed pretty useless. I mean, Rin can create a giant hole in the earth and just bury them if she wanted to, so there’s no sense of actual danger or tension here. It’s pretty obvious what the outcome will be.

Taichi isn’t a very good negotiator either from what we saw here. He basically was saying “I’ve come to negotiate, so surrender”, which isn’t the best approach to take. It would have been better to arrive armed with some concessions that the king was willing to make or by mentioning that he agreed with certain viewpoints and wanted to mediate a discussion. Taichi even ended up saying something like “I have the power to carry you back whether you like it or not”, which is also not a good idea when trying to facilitate a conversation.

The whole rebellion is just stupid though. I guess it’s not that surprising for a third foe to appear, allowing the two brothers to unite against a common cause. In the end either the King will get his way, or they will end up compromising after lives were lost in the pointless fight.

In Conclusion…

Everything has gone just about as expected. And I’m sure we can all predict what will happen next episode without any issue. This anime was textbook from the start, although I’d say their textbook is a little dated. Or maybe they are missing pages.

Either way, one more episode to go before the series ends in a cliffhanger followed by no second season… unless this is one of those few anime that gets a sequel despite feeling like it didn’t deserve one at all.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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