Clannad Episode 16 – Basketball Showdown

Last episode a lot happened, but the takeaway is that the theatre club is currently without an advisor (and the only advisor remaining is contested with a choir club), Sunohara wants to play basketball, and Sunohara’s sister has stopped by for a visit.

So where do we go from there?

Brief Synopsis

Okazaki, Nagisa, and Sunohara’s sister go to Sunohara’s dorm to wait for him to return. In the meantime, his sister goes all out cleaning the room for him. He then arrives to find that his sister is there, much to his surprise as Okazaki never told him she was visiting. The misconceptions of Nagisa dating Okazaki, and Sunohara loving Okazaki, are both dispelled. Sunohara’s sister ends up staying with the Furukawas, because of dorm rules.

On the way to school the next day Okazaki runs into Tomoyo. He tells her that she shouldn’t be late if she’s running for the student council. She responds saying that she won’t let him be late either, grabs him and runs to school. At lunch Tomoyo visits Okazaki’s classroom to chastise him about being a habitually late student. Kyou then shows up and after confronting Tomoyo grabs Okazaki to eat with her and Ryou in the cafeteria.

It seems the basketball match versus the basketball team is still on! Kyou is recruited to fill the final spot in their team, which is only Sunohara, Okazaki, and Kyou. The match is held after school, and the choir club is watching from the sidelines. Sunohara’s plan was to win over the choir club by showing them how dedicated the theatre club was with an upset win over the basketball club in their own game.

The match starts out with three of the basketball team’s rookies. While Okazaki can’t shoot, he’s still very quick on his feet. The theatre trio manage to put up a great score over the basketball team. With five minutes remaining in the match, the rookies switch out for more experienced players, and the score gap begins to close. In traditional basketball fashion, it comes down to the final basket, that Okazaki manages to score while falling on his back. The theatre club won the match. But we don’t know what how the choir club will respond to this just yet.

After the game Okazaki, Nagisa, and Sunohara see his sister off.

Episode Thoughts

I have to say, good on Sunohara. He feels like he’s come such a long way from the first few episodes. I was with Okazaki last episode in thinking “what is this, a sports manga?” when Sunohara pitched the basketball match idea, saying that the choir club would be won over by their accomplishment and let them have Koumura-sensei as their club advisor. But now, it definitely seems possible…

That said I still don’t understand why he couldn’t just advice both clubs, or why they couldn’t just combine the two somehow. They could still do a musical play that requires vocals technically.

My theory about Sunohara trying to convince his sister he was still in the basketball club was all wrong, as he didn’t even know she was going to show up. I still think it was a good theory though.

We saw a little Tomoyo again this episode, which was cool. I absolutely love her blue eyes. As much as I love Nagisa, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more Tomoyo, who I think is best girl material. I did think that her confrontation with Kyou was a bit tense! It’s obvious (and has been for a while) that Kyou likes Okazaki, so she got pretty aggressive for a moment there. But Tomoyo isn’t the type to back down, considering she used to take down gangs or something like this in her past.

In Conclusion…

Just like last episode, I have to say that I really love these “slice of life” breaks inbetween character arcs. It’s done so well, and they’re such a fun break from the tense and sad moments. That said, I’m sure we’re headed into another arc soon, which is also fine by me.

As for predictions, well I think a solution will be found between the choir and theatre clubs. In addition, I think Tomoyo is going to get more involved in the plot. Perhaps Okazaki will help her in her bid for student council president?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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