Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 10) – Totally Epic Battle

Last episode Hajime and friends rescued the Duke’s son who went missing, and after a fight, managed to win over a female dragonkin. They learned that an army of monsters was marching on the town…

Brief Synopsis

Hajime is asked by Sensei to help protect the town. As usual, he huffs and puffs a little before just doing it. Some fortifications are setup and preparations are made. Eventually the monsters attack at night. Hajime, Yue, Shea, and the dragonkin fight the monsters, blasting them away with superior firepower.

Hajime tracks down the man in the black cloak who was controlling the monster army and brings him into the town. It turns out it was a student from the isekai class. He mentions being contacted by demons and told to kill his teacher. He then takes her hostage with a needle to her neck, but is shot by Hajime. On the ground begging for his life, Hajime finishes him off, much to the despair of Sensei.

The episode ends with Hajime and party driving away with the Duke’s son, likely bringing him back to his home.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll call this episode a mixed bag. I love watching cannon fodder get annihilated in big battles, but sometimes the perspective we get is so broad that we don’t get to see enough. Most of the battle was large blanket explosions on an army of specks. When Hajime was unloading lead into the monsters via minigun, I would have loved to see the monsters getting stuck by bullets with blood and associated effects.

Goblin Slayer has really spoiled me when it comes to showing us satisfying kills of cannon fodder, so I really just want to see more fights like that. These monsters could have made for some excellent slaughter, but we just didn’t get enough detail to fully enjoy that aspect of the battle. There was one moment where Hajime gunned some flying monsters out of the sky, and they just sort of exploded into blood. Made me laugh a little, but it was a step in the right direction I think.

The whole “enemy was a student” thing was so odd. I don’t remember ever seeing this guy, and apparently he’s a student. If there was supposed to be some impact there, there wasn’t. I didn’t care for him at all, and had hoped Hajime would shoot him sooner, to be honest.

The dragonkin girl whose name I don’t remember (maybe I’ll pick it up, maybe I won’t, Hajime just keeps calling her “pervert”) wasn’t too exciting this episode. While I enjoy new members to the party / harem, she seems like such an exaggerated caricature of a masochist that I’m on the fence about her. It feels like we’re seeing too much masochist from a character that we hardly know… but I guess that’s just going to be her only character trait – being a masochist.

In Conclusion…

Not a bad episode. I don’t think anyone could really complain about the CGI this time around. I thought Hajime’s minigun looked pretty good, as well as the rocket launcher Shea used. It was a fun battle, but as I said I would have liked to see more gritty deaths. Watching cannon fodder get wiped out is more fun when you can see the expression on their faces as they are slaughtered.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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