Date A Live S2 E6 – Festival Commencement

Last episode, Shido was appointed to the big festival planning committee, where 10 schools in the region get together to put on a giant festival and compete for the title of best school. He was also “transformed” into a girl, in order to try and seal the powers of the spirit we met – Miku, the idol, who hates men.

Miku had challenged Shido, who she thinks is someone named Shiori, to a competition – she will let her powers be sealed if Shido’s school wins the festival, but she will take Shido (& sealed spirits) for herself if her school wins.

And just like that, apparently the festival has begun!

Date A Live S2 – Maid Cafe Edition

Brief Synopsis

The episode begins with Mana waking up in a hospital bed, and then escaping…

After that Shiori gets together with those three annoying girls, Tohka, and Origami, to form a band in order to perform against Miku. Afterwards, Origami finds out that the new DEM Industries AST unit is going to attack the next day, in an attempt to secure Tohka. And apparently, the next day is the festival? The band only had one day to practice?

The festival begins, and Shido’s class did a maid cafe, with Shido being one of the maids as he has been disguised as a girl this entire time. Miku shows up and asks Shido on a date, and they go do some festival games. Miku tries to win a prize for Shido but fails, so she just uses her power to have the attendant give her the prize anyways. Shido gets angry and they part ways.

Then, just like that, it’s time for the performances. Miku goes first and the crowd goes wild, just as expected. We then find out that Miku had used her power to convince those three annoying girls to not want to perform. Origami is also MIA, as she has gone and taken that experimental AST suit once again to fight the DEM Industries team.

The twins arrive, and the new band goes up to perform. Tohka ends up singing, and they put on a good show. The entire time Origami is battling the DEM Insustries team in the skies above the festival.

The only question left is, was their performance good enough?

Episode Thoughts

Ok, seeing Mana again gave me a good laugh. It’s been around 7 or 8 episodes since we last saw her, and then she disappears after mere seconds. What would make me laugh even more is if we didn’t see Mana ever again, after they showed that scene of her. And I’d be happy with that.

Next is the festival, which came up out of nowhere! Just last episode we found out it existed and it was being planned, and all of the sudden it’s on? You’d think that it would take months of planning, but I guess not. And apparently Miku issued that challenge to Shido only two days before the performances?! Talk about the game being rigged from the start!

Once again I’ll say that I don’t like the whole “guy disguised as a girl” trope, so I’m kind of just hoping this arc will come to an end soon. Or at least, that Shido’s cover will be blown.

Overall it feels like everything has happened so fast. Normally I might push back a bit on that, but considering I’m not a huge fan of this arc so far, so I’m kind of glad they’re blowing through it. At this rate, it might even end next episode.

My predictions for the conclusion are that Shido’s school loses, but just as Miku tries to take him for herself, his cover will be blown. Then she’ll freak out, and he will somehow manage to calm her down, probably with the help of Tohka or some other spirit(s). Something like this, at least.

In Conclusion…

They managed to really skip forward this episode, and I think overall it was well done. I’m thinking that the Miku arc will be ending next episode, and while I’ve said that I haven’t been a big fan of the arc so far, I’m excited to see how it closes out.

Even if Shido wins, I think Miku is going to put up a fight. She’s too spoiled and prideful to just back down so easily!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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