Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 10) – Duel

Last episode the rebels attacked and then were defeated. They also tried assassinating Taichi and Rin but failed at that too.

I’m getting the feeling that the rebels aren’t going to win…

Very Brief Synopsis

Taichi wakes up feeling sick from eating too much after celebrating their victory over the rebels. The princess presents everyone with a reward, Taichi gets a katana, Rin a staff, and Myura and Lemiya get something. They try out their new weapons in the training area.

Taichi goes into town and is confronted by Cassim who challenges him to a duel. Cassim uses an item that restricts Taichi’s magic power so that they are evenly matched. After a bit Taichi wins the duel. A dark entity spawns from the magic item, and Taichi defeats that too.

The episode ends with Taichi finding out that the rebels have declared war on the kingdom.

Episode Thoughts

Is an attack on the kingdom not considered an act of war in this world? I could have sworn the rebels have already attacked, making a formal declaration of war after the fact pointless. I guess they still have to formally issue demands or something like this, but it’s so odd that Taichi looked surprised when he heard about it, and the townspeople were scurrying about after hearing the news… did they seriously not think they would end up at war with the rebels who literally attacked them the day prior?

Taichi’s duel with Cassim was alright. Nothing crazy. I found it funny that Cassim was able to fend off Taichi’s sword attack with one hand using his knife. Or maybe it was Cassim that attacked, either way it’s funny that his one arm was as strong as Taichi’s two. The magic thrown around was probably the most action we’re going to get in this anime, so I tried to appreciate it for what it was.

I guess the one thing I have to ask is, why are we seeing some little duel between Taichi and Cassim when we’re at episode 10 of this 12 episode anime? It’s pretty clear that the anime is going to end with the rebellion being put down, and we’ll never see the truth behind the organization Cassim works for, not that I particularly care about them. Just seems like this anime could have done more than spend an entire episode showing us this fight that didn’t lead to anything important.

In Conclusion…

At least with the fighting we did see the episode had some decent moments, but overall it didn’t feel like anything really happened. I guess the next two episodes will be the rebellion, and then that’ll be it for Isekai Cheat Magician. Only two more to go.

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3 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 10) – Duel

  1. Typical Taichi to accept a duel with his power limited, especially after the fight when Cassim says you have to play with the hand you have when Taichi mentioned the advantage he had having two arms… Surely, the same goes for the magic. It was a very bizarre series of events that will probably have little impact except now that they’re all friends.

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