Clannad Episode 15 – The Longest Day

As I’ve mentioned before, you know when a new arc is beginning in Clannad when the episode opens up with that girl and her robot friend in the field of fireflies. Which means, we’ve got a new arc!

Who’s arc is it going to be this time?


Kyou, Ryou, and Sunohara all volunteer to put their names down for the re-creation of the theatre club, so they head to the faculty office with Nagisa to ask Koumura-sensei to be their club advisor. He asks them to talk to Nishina Rie, the girl who lend Kotomi a violin earlier. It seems that Nishina and friends were creating a choir club, and had asked Koumura-sensei first. It also seems that Koumura-sensei is the only teacher who isn’t currently advising a club.

That night, Okazaki is at Sunohara’s. Sunohara himself is out for some reason, but the landlady asks Okazaki to take a call from Sunohara’s sister. So he does, and he finds out that Sunohara’s little sister will be visiting him in a few days.

The next day, Nagisa gets a letter in her desk threatening her to give up on the theatre club. Sunohara reads this and gets angry, promising to look into it. After school he brings Nagisa and Okazaki to an area behind the school, where he had asked the girl who wrote the note to meet them. She gives a sob story about how Nishina got injured and wasn’t able to play the violin anymore, and so they wanted to create the choir club so she could still sing, or something like this. Nagisa caves, saying she’ll give up on the theatre club. This causes Sunohara to get angry and leave.

Okazaki talks with Nagisa afterwards. Kyou shows up and berates Nagisa for giving in the way she did, saying she’ll never realize her dreams if she’s always so considerate of others. Okazaki takes Sunohara to the reference room for some tea after that, to settle him down. The girl there reads some astrology book for Sunohara, saying his lucky colour is orange and “basketball” is his lucky word.

After that (it’s a long day), Okazaki saves Tomoyo from the male and female judo club leaders that were begging her to join the women’s judo club. Fuko also showed up, promising to help Tomoyo because she was at her sister’s wedding. But then she realizes the judo club leaders were also at the wedding, and so she says she can’t help and leaves. Useless.

The next day, Okazaki and Nagisa arrive at school to Sunohara with a basketball. It seems he’s decided that if he and Okazaki beat the school’s basketball team in a match, that the choir club will be so moved that they will give up. Sunohara spends the rest of the day trying to get Okazaki to play. After school, Nagisa asks Okazaki what Sunohara is doing. Okazaki tells her its actually because Sunohara is in love with him, and wants to be with him.

This shocks Nagisa, and when Sunohara shows up, she convicts herself and tells him off, in a very cute way. She ends up saying that he can’t because Okazaki is her boyfriend and she won’t give him up. Sunohara then tears up and runs off.

The episode ends with Sunohara’s sister showing up, introducing herself to Nagisa and Okazaki.

Episode Thoughts

It’s crazy how much happens in the early stages of a new arc! I feel like once an arc begins, the show becomes more and more focused on the character and their story, until that’s all the show is about. But then we start a new arc, and it goes back to slice of life that is just packed full of content – so much that my synopsis ends up being quite long. But I kind of want to make sure to cover everything.

I think this is going to be Tomoyo’s arc. Even though we only saw her for maybe 30 seconds this episode, I think we’ll get to see more of her. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t think it’s time for Kyou’s arc yet, I didn’t get any vibes from her or anything at least.

As for the episode, it was amazing. Clannad does slice of life so well, that I’m once again in awe of just how much fun it is to watch the anime drop the tension and let loose. Sunohara in particular was great this episode. I liked his passion in trying to help Nagisa. He’s been a great guy lately, it feels like he’s changing along with Okazaki in his own way.

As for the basketball thing, I believe the reason Sunohara was so desperate to get Okazaki to play with him after school was that he knew his sister would be visiting, and she probably doesn’t know that he’s no longer on the team. His parents probably don’t know either. So he was trying his hardest to get a match with the basketball team so it’d look like he was still on it.

And the reason Sunohara ran off the way he did after Nagisa mentioned Okazaki is her boyfriend (which at this point, is pretty much the truth) is because he kept on trying to win her gratitude and heart by helping her. That’s what he’d always say, anyways. First it was for the bread, because her family runs a bakery. But then he started trying to win her heart. Personally, I think that he just wanted to help, but felt like he had to give a reason to do so because of his pride.

I don’t quite understand why Koumura-sensei, or any other teacher, couldn’t just advise another club. From what I’ve seen, advisors basically just pop their heads in once in a while to see how the club is doing right? And I’m guessing they also help organize trips or events related to the club, but it doesn’t seem like that demanding of a task. I guess it could be though, depending on the club.

In Conclusion…

What an episode. Once again, it’s so impressive how Clannad can transition from a focused tragic story to a fun and eccentric slice of life. My memories of Clannad for so long were always that this was a sad anime, and while that’s true, it’s also an amazing slice of life. So far it’s been an excellent balance of the two, with how the arcs start out broad and then become more focused as the episodes go on.

Looking forward to more of this, and seeing more of Tomoyo, assuming this is her arc!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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