Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 9 (#28)

This is it, the final episode of Haruhi. After this is the movie, and then possibly that Yuki spinoff that I don’t know much about. Still, it’s pretty wild to think that I’ve written about all of the Haruhi episodes after this!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Good News Edition

Brief Synopsis

A very somber episode.

It’s winter, and cold. The SOS Brigade clubroom in particular, being a part of the old school building, is cold. Everyone is sitting around in silence when Haruhi burst into the room as she normally does. She tells everyone that she has secured a heater from the appliance store that they did a commercial for in their movie. And then she selects Kyon to go get it, while refusing to let ANYONE go with him. Kyon trudges off to get the heater.

With Kyon gone, Haruhi goes nuts taking photos of Mikuru in different outfits, before outright filming her. Knowing that no one else would stop her, she does her best to get all the photos she possibly can. Itsuki gladly helps her, of course.

It begins to rain as Kyon returns. He finds Yuki alone in the clubroom, so he sets up the heater and ends up falling asleep. When he wakes up Haruhi is the only person still at school. She offers to share her umbrella (a teacher’s umbrella she took) and they begin to walk home. Once Kyon points out the umbrella is for teachers only, Haruhi takes it away from him and skips off.

Episode Thoughts

As I’d expected, the chronological order of Haruhi ends on a very relaxed note, with nothing really exciting or crazy happening. There was even a long stretch of the episode showing Yuki reading a book while we heard sounds from the radio in the background, it must have been at least 5 minutes.

Kyon ended up getting wet on several occasions, but I thought it was odd that he never used the hood on his coat. That’s what they’re for, right? Are hoods just for style in Japan? I’m more of a hood guy myself, I haven’t used an umbrella in at least 10 years, probably. I even had a winter coat with no hood, but I used to always wear a sweater underneath that had a hood, so I always had the option. They’re just so handy.

Itsuki had no problem in encouraging Haruhi to harass Mikuru, go figure. The guy is a complete enabler. Though to be fair, I think Haruhi only listens to Kyon anyways, and even then she can get pretty angry / depressed when he does confront her. I wonder how she would react to Itsuki refusing her.

In Conclusion…

Just a very relaxed final episode.
Nothing that noteworthy, or even memorable.

But I’m glad that it ended this way, because I’ve seen enough excitement and as I mentioned last post I’m fine with the show ending on a more slice of life note. So with that, I really liked this episode. A nice wind down from what we’ve seen previously.

That’s it for the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu anime!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 9 (#28)

  1. Fun fact: this was an anime-original episode written by the LN author himself. A lot of people have called it boring, but I’ve seen some interesting critical interpretations too. My favorite take was that this episode shows us what the SOS Brigade would have been like without Kyon. Haruhi running rampant with nothing to check her worst impulses. Koizumi, the talkative guy who loves to play games and debate philosophy, reduced to a simple yes-man. And Yuki (who barely talks to anyone besides Kyon as it is) left with nothing to do but read silently in the club room..

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    1. That’s a really cool theory. The one thing that I thought about it was that it seems like a nice episode to segway into the movie, as well as a nice episode to end the show with I think.


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