Shuffle! (Episode 4) – Friendly Picnic

Last episode felt like it was from Sia’s route in Rin’s harem. It wasn’t the most exciting episode either.

This time it’s Nerine’s turn to get some attention.

So how did the episode pan out this time?


Rin and friends are cleaning the classroom when Nerine can’t seem to clean the blackboard eraser properly, getting chalk dust all over herself. Rin goes over to how her how to clean the eraser and avoid that, when all of the other girls notice. As punishment, Rin and Nerine get to take the trash out.

While outside, a couple of punks begin badmouthing Rin and his harem. This causes Nerine to get angry and unleash some explosive magic. Apparently the two punks survived, but the gymnasium was destroyed in the blast. Nerine’s father praises her for managing to hold back, and Sia’s father also shows up and praises her for defending Rin. The teacher ends up giving the two fathers a detention.

The next day we find out that both Sia and Mayumi failed their exams and will have to take supplementary classes unless they hand in a paper written on some math equation or something. While eating lunch, it’s suggested that they all have a picnic and share each other’s food. Rin mentions to Nerine that he is looking forward to eating her food.

Nerine can’t cook though, so she becomes stressed and begins trying to learn how to cook. Asa runs into her and begins teaching her. Eventually, with Rin concerned about Nerine not going home on time, Nerine confesses that she can’t cook. Rin, being the great harem protagonist he is, tells her that he will enjoy her food no matter what she makes.

The day of the picnic comes and Nerine brought a simple omelette, and everyone ends up loving it.

Episode Thoughts

I felt like this episode had a much better flow. Despite also being a “harem route” very early on in the show, Nerine’s episode featured more moments with the other characters, making it feel more natural and enjoyable. The problem I had with Sia’s episode was that most of the episode was just Rin and Sia, with everyone else being absent. Luckily, they gave us the whole cast here.

And so, I’d say this felt like a fairly straightforward slice of life. We got some comedy with Nerine’s explosion and the two fathers getting in trouble. We got some feel good moments between Rin and Nerine. And, we got some good scenes with all of the major characters from Shuffle!. So a pretty good episode, although it wasn’t anything revolutionary.

I wish I had more to say about this one but unfortunately I don’t, it was a very standard episode.

In Conclusion…

I guess from here the anime is going to continue going down harem routes? Is Kaede next? Or maybe Asa? Personally, I’d prefer more content featuring everyone, but it’s possible that the anime has a reason to squeeze in harem routes this early on.

Speaking of, the ultimate question still remains: will Rin achieve the perfect harem ending?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Shuffle! (Episode 4) – Friendly Picnic

  1. I remember watching Shuffle on IFC Anime through Xfinity’s On Demand(was it even called xfinity back then?! The user interface was awful) and this is like over 10 years ago! and I LOVED it. We didn’t have internet and my anime bubble hadn’t been popped yet, I thought the show was 10/10 lol. This takes me back good times! Back when, basically, if it was anime I was in love.

    *sigh* to be young! Yea, it’s just a wish fulfillment harem, kind of standard, but has some fun spots(at least through my rose tinted glasses).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha I hear ya. When I started watching anime harem was one of the genres that got me hooked – there are so many mediocre harem anime that I was blown away at the time!


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