Clannad (Episode 14) – Welcome Home

Last episode, Kotomi had shut herself in her home and made the decision to accept some offer to go to school in the US. This was after we learned about her childhood and how her parents died in a plane crash on her birthday.

And, her present-day birthday is coming up. While Kotomi is moping inside, Okazaki and friends have been cleaning up her yard in order to restore it to it’s former glory. But they ripped out all of the grass in doing so, instead of just cutting it. And so the burning question remains – is Okazaki planning on laying down fresh sod?

Brief Synopsis

The answer is, yes! It’s pretty clear that this is what he had planned from the start, but it seemed like the more labour-intensive and expensive route to go, versus pulling out weeds and mowing the existing grass.

Anyways, Okazaki pulls a few all-nighters and gets Kotomi’s yard looking pristine. He then recalls that day of Kotomi’s birthday, where he didn’t show up, and her parents died. He had promised Kotomi that he would bring some of his own friends, but when he asked them, none of them wanted to go. Embarrassed that he couldn’t fulfill his promise, he avoided going to Kotomi’s place. But then that evening he felt guilty and went, but noticed the lights were off.

He went inside and upstairs he found Kotomi crying, her father’s desk on fire after she had burned his papers. Moustache and some other man appear and put out the fire, and Moustache mentions that the paper wasn’t what Kotomi thought it was, that it was “something for her”. But she must not have heard in her hysterical mindset at the time. Okazaki then wasn’t allowed into the house, or something. So I guess maybe there were people coming and going dealing with Kotomi’s affairs or something, and they shooed him away when he approached.

In the present, Kotomi emerges from her house and speaks with Okazaki, and they have a nice moment together. The next day she goes to school. A teacher tells her that Moustache is there and would like to see her – she goes with Okazaki, Kyou, Ryou, and Nagisa to meet with him. And there he gives her a briefcase – it used to belong to her father. Inside was a teddy bear, and a letter.

We then find out that her parents had thrown their papers aside and stuck the bear and that letter into the briefcase, in hopes that it might one day reach Kotomi. We then see the briefcase travel the world on it’s way back to her. We also find out that the papers she had burned as a child was actually a teddy bear catalogue. Kotomi has a nice moment, and then episode ends.

Episode Thoughts

I wasn’t expecting Kotomi’s arc to end just yet, but I guess it didn’t matter because I didn’t find her story nearly as sad as Fuko’s. It sort of wrapped up as I expected, with her getting closure on her parent’s deaths. I guess the thing that made this not as sad was just that the sad event is something from the past, it’s already happened.

It was still a nice ending to her story though. The anime cheated a little with the sod Okazaki put down, because the night he put it down we could see the lines between the rolls of sod, and the next morning the lines were gone. Oh well, the mystery was solved after all.

It’s nice that Moustache got to see Kotomi again too, hopefully that gave him a little closure as well, seeing her with all of her friends.

I will admit though that the whole “briefcase travelling the world” bit felt too cheesy and unbelievable to me. As cute as it was, I don’t buy it. Moustache mentions something like “who knows how many hands this briefcase has passed by in order to get here”, and I’m thinking that it probably would have only been a couple. I think it was even in Antarctica at one point, which seems ridiculous. More likely some family found it, and then just shipped it to Japan or something like that. But I guess they wanted a cute story for the end here, so it works to accomplish that.

In Conclusion…

The Kotomi mystery has been solved, all of her misconceptions cleared up. Now she can move forward and hopefully have some good times with her friends. Although, I suppose we never heard if she changed her mind on going to the US. Maybe she’ll still end up going?

Or maybe she’ll delay that until after graduation, which also wouldn’t surprise me.

I wonder who’s up next? Maybe Tomoyo? I hope so, cause I don’t remember anything about her arc and I really like Tomoyo.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Clannad (Episode 14) – Welcome Home

  1. darkdaemonpk2

    My favorite part of this episode is where Kotomi recited the poem from “The Dandelion Girl” while Tomoya was listening. Just really my favorite. Kotomi and Tomoyo are my favorites- the rest of the cast is as good as shark bait.

    Yes, It’s Tomoyo’s arc next, but after the basketball match. Just off topic, Clannad’s story continued (as a spin-off sequel) with Tomoyo as the main heroine.

    Liked by 1 person

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