Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 8) – Partial Reunion

Last episode of Arifureta we saw Hajime, Yue, and Shea beat their way through a second labyrinth, unlocking some sort of gravity magic for Yue. They then proceeded to the nearest town and stayed at an inn.

Now that they’re back in civilization, how will things play out?


Hajime and party get called to the adventurers guild, where the guildmaster seeks their help finding a party of adventurers that went missing. Among them was a Count’s son, and it was paramount that they find him. Hajime ends up agreeing on the conditions that the guild procures tokens for them (not sure what that is, something like a passport?) and that the guildmaster complies with any requests they have. He accepts, and off they go to find the missing adventurers.

On the way they stop at a town that is known for growing rice. They go to a tavern, where it just so happens that Sensei and some other students from the isekai class are eating. Sensei confronts Hajime, asking him questions and getting angry that he is with two women – Yue and Shea. He shrugs her off for the most part, causing a knight to get angry and begin mouthing off to Shea and Yue. Hajime shoots the knight, breaking his armour, but not killing him.

That night, Hajime goes to Sensei’s room and tells her about the labyrinths. We learn that the Mavericks of the labyrinths used to be called the Liberators, and that their purpose was to stop the mad god (who I guess rules the world?) from continuing to create pointless wars or something like this. But the Liberators weren’t able to stop him, and the people turned to the mad god and began to worship him. The Liberators were branded the Mavericks, and they scattered, creating labyrinths with their powers stored within in order for a future hero to hopefully unlock them and challenge the mad god.

Hajime also tells Sensei that someone in her class tried to kill him, that it wasn’t an accident when a magic bolt went his way and caused him to fall off the bridge.

The next day Hajime and party set out, but Sensei and class are there waiting. They all end up going together, as Hajime conjures up a Humvee in addition to his bike.

Episode Thoughts

Hmm.. this was an odd episode I think. So Hajime has reunited with a part of the isekai class, but not all of them. To be honest, I didn’t recognize a single one of them, because we’ve seen so little of the isekai class. We hadn’t seen much of Sensei either, but we did see her a little bit at least. I actually thought the knight guy was one of the class until we found out he was just some knight.

The reunion wasn’t the most satisfying reunion. Sensei was surprised to see Hajime, but the way she began acting seemed unrealistic – berating Hajime for travelling with two strange women, telling him he was going to get a lecture… I’d like to think that realistically one would act more along the lines of “I can’t believe it, you’re alive!” and “What happened?! We thought you were dead!”, stuff like that. I don’t even think she asked him what happened, and instead it was actually Hajime who said something like “I’m not going to waste my time telling you what happened, or what I’m doing”.

Overall it just felt like a lukewarm reunion. But it’s not like I actually know anyone from the isekai class, or would be able to recognize any of them. So I really shouldn’t get my hopes up for when Hajime reunites with the other part of the class, if that happens.

The only other interesting portion of the episode was learning about the Mavericks. I’m pretty sure this is the first we are hearing about it… either that or I somehow missed the lesson in a prior episode. It’s actually an interesting story, one that makes the labyrinths more relevant. But the one part where it falls short is with the mad god, who we haven’t seen at all. I know Hajime is all “I’m just going home”, but we all know he’ll end up helping… so it’d be nice to have an idea of who the ultimate villain is.

My final thought is just that I wish Hajime would stick to his guns once in a while. He always acts super edgy, being all “I don’t have time for this”, but then ends up getting roped into things anyways. It’d be nice for him to show a little conviction for once in that area – either that, or stop acting so edgy just to cave in the end!

In Conclusion…

I think that the episode overall was fun to watch. I like watching Hajime and his party, and have been interested in how Hajime will interact with the isekai class. While the reunion wasn’t anything amazing, I still think it was fun to watch Hajime interact with the other characters.

That, and I’m looking forward to seeing their reactions when Hajime and his party display just how powerful they are… although I guess they didn’t react THAT much when he conjured a bike and Humvee, so I shouldn’t get my hopes up!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 8) – Partial Reunion

  1. This was one of the better episodes for me. I felt like we got more world-building and development than in most of the other episodes put together. If only we’d kept up with the rest of the class all the way through, we may actually care about them and have a better idea of where the story is going.

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