Date A Live S2 E5 – The True Princess

With the twins’ arc all wrapped up, Date A Live S2 is wasting no time in jumping into the next one – Diva!

Date A Live S2 – Perfect Hair Edition

Brief Synopsis

Origami’s suspension from the AST ends, just as we learn about a new AST squad that is hand-picked by DEM Industries and has increased authority. They are led by a woman named Jessica Bailey who seems very arrogant.

At school, Shido is voted (by all the boys as revenge for all the PDA he gets from Tohka, Origami, and now the twins) as the school’s organizer for the annual Ten-oh Festival, which is a festival hosted by 10 high schools in the city (Tengu City). They all compete to see which has the best booths, exhibitions, and performances, and the top performing school gets the title of champion.

Here we also learn about the Rindoji Academy for Women, the reigning champion school. In their midst is a popular idol called Izayoi Miku. And speaking of which, after a long day of event planning, Shido is walking home when there is a spatial quake. He heads to the source and finds a lone idol, singing. He approaches her but she immediately becomes disgusted with Shido – the AST then appears and fights her, but she escapes.

We learn afterwards that the spirit, codenamed Diva, but also called Izayoi Miku, loves women.

And so, Shido is dressed as a woman and given something to make his voice more feminine. He approaches and talks a bit with Miku, and then later meets with her to return her handkerchief that she had lent him as he had fallen and scratched his hand. There, she tries to use her spirit ability to make Shido change schools, and take off his clothes, but after he refuses on both accounts she suspects him of being a spirit. He tells her that he is there to seal her powers, and she refuses.

In the end she poses a challenge – if Shido’s school can win the Ten-oh Festival, she will let him seal her powers. If her school wins, she will take possession of Shido and all the spirits he’s sealed so far.

Episode Thoughts

It’s nice that we’ve gone right into the next arc. And Miku seems like an interesting character – as a spirit, she has blended into society. She only causes spatial quakes when she wants to attract the AST. And she loves surrounding herself with female slaves by using her vocal powers to issue commands to humans. She’s on a real power trip, this spirit. I know that Tohka’s codename is “Princess”, but Miku feels much more deserving of that name. I guess Diva also works though!

The one thing I will say though is that I’m not a fan of crossdressing in anime like this. I just don’t like it when the protagonist is changed into a woman or has to dress / sound like one in order to blend in or for whatever reason. It’s not my cup of tea and never has been. It also makes me anxious watching Shido go around appearing female, just knowing that he’ll be exposed as a man at some point.

Regardless, I think this will be an interesting arc. I’m sure Ratatoskr will be able to help out Shido’s school to step up their game for the festival, but they’re going to have to do something about Miku’s powers because she can just compel people to do things her way. I’m sure they’ll think of something though.

We also didn’t see much of the twins this episode, and I hope we get to see them some more in future episodes. Even if it isn’t their arc, and I appreciate that the anime is giving us more Tohka, I still want to see all of the harem members equally! Let’s make the harem ending a reality here.

In Conclusion…

I’m liking the pace set here, and I’m liking the new spirit. There’s also those developments with the AST and their new unit, which I’m sure will shake things up at some point also. Is Jessica Bailey supposed to be like a pseudo replacement for Mana, now that Mana hasn’t existed since last season?

I guess we’ll find out as we continue through the Diva arc of Date A Live S2!

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Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Date A Live S2 E5 – The True Princess

    1. Yeah I guess I can see that. Crossdressing in general isn’t for me, just like when the guy grows boobs or transforms into a girl. Never liked any of that.

      But I do like Miku, her hime cut and her bratty attitude.


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