Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 11 (#27)

It looks like we are back to a self-contained, slice of life episode with episode 11. Our journey through this anime is almost at an end, but not yet!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – All Hands On Deck! Edition

Brief Synopsis

The computer club challenges the SOS Brigade to a duel featuring the space combat game that they had created for the cultural festival. If they win, they get their PC back (the one that Haruhi stole), and if they lose, they will provide 4 more computers for the rest of the SOS Brigade. Makes you wonder where they get the budget for all these computers?

Anyways, Haruhi and friends have a week to practice for their impending match. The only problem is that Haruhi likes to hopelessly charge into the enemy, always, and Mikuru is hopeless with computers. Luckily though, the team has Yuki with them.

On the day of the match, Yuki begins furiously typing away while the rest of the club is getting destroyed in the game. Yuki finds out that the computer club had been cheating by having vision of the entire map. She reprograms the game, while they are playing, to turn off the computer club’s maphack and force them to play fair and square. However, their shock at this causes them to be overwhelmed by Yuki, Kyon, and Itsuki, and they soon lose.

The episode ends with the computer club leader trying to recruit Yuki, because of her hacking skills, and with Yuki saying that she might stop by once in a while.

Episode Thoughts

A fun episode. With this being the 2nd to last episode, it’s clear that the chronological order ends on a fairly casual note, with a couple self-contained slice of life episodes. While the broadcast order ends with the completion of the SOS Brigade’s movie, an arc that spans.. 4 episodes? The chronological order ends with an episode where the SOS Brigade plays a computer game.. and whatever happens next episode.

Would this be considered a “soft ending”? Or maybe I’ve just made that word up. Anyways, I’m sort of glad that the watch order I had chosen is ending this way. It’s nice to just have these one-off episodes that don’t carry on and on once in a while, and I felt like the anime was due for some.

As for the episode itself, nothing too crazy happens here. I guess that’s why it felt so relaxed to me. It’s always cool when an anime will portray characters within the game. I especially liked their rendition of Captain Yuki in her flagship, which is comprised of a crew of herself. I guess they didn’t want to go too far into it though, because aside from the imagery of the SOS Brigade members in their ships, we didn’t actually see combat in the imagined game world. It was still a nice touch though.

So now the SOS Brigade has essentially taken over the computer club, possessing 5 computers of their own. I can see why this took place later on in the timeline, because I have to wonder what the club would have done differently if they had 5 computers, especially in regards to the movie they made. Maybe we’ll see them get some use next episode, although I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t.

In Conclusion…

This was a nice casual episode to set us up for the final episode of the anime series – episode 9. After that, there’s the movie and then I may take a look at that Yuki spinoff anime.

Until then what I am really curious about is how the anime will “end”, in terms of chronological order. Because clearly when the series first aired, episode 9 was not intended to be the ending, even if it’s at the end of the overall timeline. Looking forward to finding out how this goes!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 11 (#27)

    1. It’s not a bad slice of life by any means. Hit and miss at times, but overall I think it’s an enjoyable watch, in addition to being an anime classic. There are some very interesting moments and ideas used in certain episodes as well.

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  1. My favorite episode of the series. Very fun and very funny, with some fabulous homages to Space Battleship Yamato and Gundam. Not to mention an awesome selection of classical music.

    Incidentally, the TV broadcast order never ended with the movie arc. The original broadcast order for S1 in 2006 ended with Melancholy V and VI. For the 2009 re-broadcast they showed both seasons in exact chronological order, just the way you’ve been reviewing them here. S2 was never intended to be watched separately from S1, so you could say this has actually been the “true” order ever since S2 came out, aside from the debate over whether to watch Episode 00 at the very beginning or after Sigh – personally I still favor the former.

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