Shuffle! (Episode 3) – Rainy Season

We’re at episode 3, and I can already see what I’d imagine would be the similarities between the anime and the VN. This episode follows Rin and his relationship with Sia, in the exact type of situations / settings I’d expect to see in a VN route.


Rin and the girls go to school once again, this time with Primula staying behind at home. At school, the schedule for final exams is announced. As you’d expect, anyone who fails will have to take supplementary classes in the summer.

Sia’s father, the king of gods, hears about this and runs to Rin to complain. He mentions that he may have to summon a legion of angels to destroy the Earth if he can’t spend summer vacation with his daughter – and then gets knocked out by Sia, a common occurence. Her weapon of choice always seems to be a chair. We find out that Sia is not good at English or history.

The next day Rin thinks it over and then decides to tutor Sia. Together they study, and then exams roll around. Rin thinks he breezed through his exams, and Sia isn’t sure about hers. A group of guys from the various fan clubs shows up after the exams, causing Rin to run out. He runs into Sia at the entrance, and they share an umbrella as they walk home together.

Rin begins to remember when he met Sia as a child, as he had found an umbrella in a garbage and shared it with her.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll be honest, this episode was a bit dry. Maybe it was just too cliche, with the whole studying setup. But I just think it lacked comedy and impact.

Despite Primula being introduced into the show just last episode, she took a real backseat this episode which I found very surprising. I had expected her to become more of a focus, but then again, I suppose ALL of the characters were just introduced a few episodes ago. At this point in time, we really just don’t know much about anyone, and it’ll take time for me to get more used to everyone and their quirks.

I think that’s part of why this episode felt off, because we simply haven’t seen enough of Sia yet. I’m just not very interested in any romance between her and Rin when I barely know her. I feel like a few casual episodes first would have been a better idea, but it’s possible they had to do it this way in order to fit everything in. This is based on a VN, and I imagine they wanted to include scenes from all of the girls’ routes.

If there’s one character that I do know, it’s Kyon Rin. And I like Rin so far, given that he reminds me so much of Kyon. So one slow episode isn’t going to slow down my viewing of this series! The harem end is still alive and well, and I’ll continue to look forward to it.

In Conclusion…

Not the greatest episode, but I feel like part of the blame lies in the timing of it, more than the content itself. If this episode was placed later on in the series I may have felt differently about it. That said, it wasn’t anything groundbreaking so I don’t think this episode would ever achieve too much anyways.

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3 thoughts on “Shuffle! (Episode 3) – Rainy Season

  1. darkdaemonpk2

    I think it’s an okay episode with Sia and our main guy building relationships. This is actually one of the routes for Sia in the VN game where it’s adapted so yeah, nothing amazing but I still like this episode sincen Sia is one of my favorites in the game. I guess I’am biased on my comment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mainly was just surprised at how early the anime is going into character routes. Episode 3 I’m still remembering names, so I’d just like to see more of everyone before going into routes.

      Liked by 1 person

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