Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 8) – Looming Rebellion

Last episode, Taichi and friends were fighting off a monster invasion when a two-headed dragon appeared and challenged Taichi to a fight, before leaving. In addition, it seemed as if the assassin girl turned damsel in distress died.

This episode gives us confirmation of that!
As well as some new developments.


The battle is over, and the town has been recovering from the devastation. Taichi leaves some flowers at the grave of the former assassin girl. Everyone meets up at Lemiya’s house, where Taichi shows off Aerial, his wind spirit. While there, a messenger from the king arrives and summons them all to meet with the king.

They arrive to find the capital empty, with people hiding in their houses. We learn that the king is currently in a political struggle with his brother. The king wants to expand the kingdom’s influence to other nations, while the brother wants to maintain a strong core within the kingdom and spend less energy on foreign influence.

Taichi and friends meet with the king, who we find out was the one that had Taichi and Rin summoned. The king asks for their help in putting down the looming rebellion, and Lemiya agrees on behalf of Taichi & friends, in return for some conditions that have yet to be stated. The king agrees.

That night, the princess visits Taichi and Rin. She apologizes to them, because she was the one who performed the summoning. The next day, the kingdom’s army commander challenges Taichi to a fight. Taichi wins, and then she asks him to marry her.

The episode ends with the scruffy villain behind the monster attack talking with the princess, as her servant or something.

Episode Thoughts

First off, good news! The former assassin girl is confirmed dead. Considering her character completely transformed from a badass assassin into a hopeless damsel, I’m glad she’s gone so I don’t have to puzzle out what she’ll turn into next. Another good bit of info is that those twins weren’t brought up in this episode, hopefully we don’t see them anymore either. Maybe they’ve gone and joined the enemy again.

Well, we went from a sudden battle with monsters to a new conflict, this one political in nature. It’s just like the spineless Taichi to just go along with things without questioning anything. The guy has never killed someone before, and while he acts uncertain about the whole thing, he’ll still go along with it. Lemiya could drag him across the world and he’d go along with it.

This is the type of situation where I wish it would all blow up in the heroes face. Taichi has no business getting involved in a political issue like this – it reminds me of the bow hero from The Rising of Shield Hero. Even if it’s why Taichi was summoned, he still should refuse to get involved in an internal war.

Which is why I’d love for him to get dragged into the conflict, only to find out later that he made a huge mistake by supporting the king. Not that it’d ever happen, because this anime is too happy-go-lucky, but I wish there would be some sort of twist where Taichi realizes that he helped a monster secure the kingdom for himself or something like this. Only contributing to the suffering of the people.

In Conclusion…

I can’t say I’m too interested in where this series is going, if only because I hate Taichi as a character, and I hate that he is incapable of forming a single independent thought, just getting dragged along by the people around him. As much as I’d like Taichi to experience some serious repercussions for his indecisiveness, I really don’t think it’s going to happen.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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