Clannad Episode 13 – Garden of Memories

Last episode, we found out that something had happened to Kotomi’s parents. We also discovered that Okazaki knew Kotomi as a child, but in a convenient bout of anime amnesia, he somehow completely forgot about her.

Where will this story go next?


Okazaki confronts Kotomi once he remembers her, asking her why she never told him. She then tells us the story of her childhood – meeting Okazaki, her birthday coming up, and her parents leaving her right before her birthday to fly to the US on an urgent business trip.

None of Kotomi’s friends showed up for her birthday, not even Okazaki.
But there was one man who did show up. Our moustached friend.

He told Kotomi that her parents had died in a plane crash over the Pacific. Their important research was with them, and was lost in the crash as well. He had come to check Kotomi’s father’s study for a backup copy of the papers, but Kotomi wouldn’t let him in as she was understandably hysterical. She then found and burned the papers after finding them in her father’s office. From then on she began collecting newspaper clippings and the like about her parents.

After her explanation, Kotomi admits that she wasn’t sure whether she should tell Okazaki about their childhood memories together or not. The next day, Okazaki finds out from a teacher at school that Kotomi wasn’t coming back for a while, and that she had accepted an offer to attend a school in the US.

Okazaki tells Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou, and then begins to work on restoring the garden at Kotomi’s house to it’s former glory. They all begin to plan for Kotomi’s upcoming birthday. The girls contact the student who had left the violin behind at school and received permission to have it. They then were on their way to a music store to have it tuned, when they were almost hit by a motorcycle and the violin broke from the ordeal. They couldn’t find a store that would be able to fix the violin in time.

The episode ends with everyone working on Kotomi’s garden into the night.

Episode Thoughts

First, in regards to Kotomi’s childhood story… what the hell was Moustache thinking? As much as I don’t think he’s a bad guy, you don’t just tell a child that her parents are dead without trying to comfort her or anything first. Plus, even though she slammed the door on him, he shouldn’t have given up there. There has to be people that he could have contacted to help – who just leaves a child who just lost their parents alone? Hell, even a government child service or whatever would have been preferable to what he did.

So I can understand why he’s so apologetic! I didn’t catch anything implying otherwise, so I’m pretty sure Kotomi just lived in that house alone from that moment onwards. Although I’d imagine her parent’s company or maybe just their personal wealth was passed down to her, so that she could still afford to eat and whatnot.

Oh and I hope they give a reason as to why Okazaki ditched Kotomi’s birthday. If he had just been there when she found out about her parents and all that, maybe she wouldn’t have burned their research. Okazaki better have a good reason for this, as well as his anime amnesia.

Kotomi’s story was the first half of the episode, and the second half was pretty much just Okazaki gardening. Although I don’t quite understand why he is ripping out all of the grass, instead of just the weeds… It’s still grass, it just needs to be mowed once the weeds are gone. I guess he’s planning on buying fresh sod to lay down? Plus there are tools you can use to churn the ground up, which might also be faster if he plans on just laying fresh sod down anyways.

I’m wondering this because while fresh sod sounds nice, it won’t have time to attach itself to the ground before Kotomi’s birthday. So you’ll still be able to clearly see the rolls on the ground. Meanwhile, Okazaki could have just removed the weeds and then mowed the grass that is already there. I’m just having trouble wrapping my mind around this, but I guess maybe the existing lawn was SO weed infested that removing the weeds would have left countless grassless patches on the lawn.

To be honest, I’m curious if Okazaki is planning on laying down fresh sod. There’s no time to plant fresh seed before Kotomi’s birthday.

In Conclusion…

Despite Kotomi’s sad childhood, and her regrets over burning her parent’s legacy, the most pressing question I have is whether Okazaki is planning on laying down fresh sod or not. He has to be, right? What else could he be planning on doing, after removing ALL of the grass? Artificual turf seems unrealistic here.

We’ll have to wait until next episode to find out!

It has to be fresh sod, I can’t think of anything else. I’ve seen some very nice stone backyards, but there’s just no time for something like that. And that’d be even more expensive than the sod! Still, I’m sort of hoping Okazaki surprises me with something that I hadn’t expected. It’s going to be fresh sod though, probably.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Clannad Episode 13 – Garden of Memories

  1. darkdaemonpk2

    Well, he was a kid. You normally would also forget people you met for a brief time, lest after a couple of years, or a decade. Has it been a decade? I think it has been a decade since the last time they met. And for whatever Tomoya is planting, I’ll just keep quiet but I suppose you already know what he’s got in store for Kotomi. I just love the next episode.

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