Date A Live S2 E4 – Kannazuki’s Revenge

Last episode was mostly fan service, but it did end with Kaguya and Yuzuru fighting once again over who will be chosen as the true Yamai spirit. In addition, the Ratatoskr ship had been spotted by the enemy!

Let’s see where this all leads!

Date A Live S2 – Man of the Hour Edition


The Ratatoskr ship begins taking fire from the enemy ship, and their shields (called territory) aren’t powerful enough to completely nullify the attacks. The crew has their doubts with Kannazuki at the helm, and one of them calls Kotori for help. Kotori assures her that they will be just fine, because Kannazuki is there.

Meanwhile, the twins are up in the sky fighting once again. Ellen and some robotic henchmen called “bandersnatches” show up to kidnap Tohka. She fights back and takes out several robots, but Ellen then dons her own suit and beats Tohka back. Just when things look hopeless, Shido manages to summon Sandalphon, Tohka’s sword, and save her.

Up in the atmosphere, Kannazuki shows off his true talent. He tells the crew exactly where to focus their shields in order to create a perfect, pinpoint defense against enemy attacks. Then, he has the ship counter attack. The enemy ship gets desperate and moves in to ram the Ratatoskr ship, but Kannazuki forsees this as well and prepares a countermeasure that deals damage to the enemy ship. This causes the bandersnatches to malfunction as the control room was hit.

With the bandersnatches down for the count, Ellen moves to go after Shido and Tohka. But she falls into a hole dug by those three girls that were pestering her non-stop in previous episodes. The enemy ship flies in range of the twins, and they fire a shot at it with their spirit weapon – a giant bow that they use together.

With Tohka’s help in using Sandalphon, Shido is able to get the twin’s attention and convince them to stop fighting, because he will seal their powers. Eventually they come down, and they both kiss him on the lips, which seals their powers. Now they are just two more members of the Date A Live harem!

Episode Thoughts

Wow, what an episode!

I’ll be honest with you all, that was one hell of a space battle. Better than many actual space anime I’ve seen! It wasn’t the longest of fights, but the content we did get was excellent. I tried to get some good screencaps of the ship action, but the explosions of the beams coming into contact with territory took up the whole screen so I never saw a great screencap opportunity. You’ll have to take my word for it.

In addition, we got to see Kannazuki be useful again! Despite his masochistic behavior, he’s a vice-captain for a reason. The guy is competent when it counts, and he definitely knows how to fight another ship. Just great content all around here.

The fights on the ground were okay, but not as exciting as what was going on with the ships. Tohka traded a few blows with Ellen but was quickly overpowered, and the twins fight was basically them cancelling out each other’s attacks. I guess the addition of robot henchmen was nice though, so we could see some enemies sliced into pieces.

Aside from the ship combat though, the other real highlight this episode was Shido. Once again Shido had a badass moment, where he completely stood up to the twins and said all the right words. This episode was probably the most confident I’ve ever heard Shido, and it was great. I’d like to see more of him and this confidence.

In Conclusion…

This was an excellent conclusion to the twins’ arc. Ton of action, Kannazuki and Shido were great, and the twins have officially joined the harem. Shido’s going to have his hands full moving forward!

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Thanks for reading.

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