Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 7) – Bunny Hammertime!

Well, I said that last post that I’d be fine with either visiting the kingdom, or another labyrinth. And we got another labyrinth, so that’s pretty neat!

Plus, Shea really pulled her weight this episode. I’m glad she’s managed to be more purposeful as a member of the party, and not just an annoying bunny.


The trio set out looking for the next labyrinth. While in a rocky canyon, Shea manages to stumble upon the entrance. A stone tablet projects the voice of the labyrinth’s… owner? Her name is Miledi Reisen. Shea then stumbles upon the way into the labyrinth, which is a cliche moving stone wall.

But the cliche’s don’t stop there! Miledi has built this super-duper exciting labyrinth off the back of many dungeon cliches! Boulder traps, moving saws, and statues that attack once you’ve entered the room. A truly super-duper exciting labyrinth. And with many areas restricting the use of magic somehow, the brunt of the work falls on Shea to smash everything with her giant hammer. She does a great job too.

They then reach the final boss, a giant suit of armour. Hajime shows off some of his new weapons – a rocket launcher, and what looks like a pile driver, which seems like an oddly specific thing to be carrying. But I think he’s now able to use magic to create these things on the go, right? The pile driver does it’s job in driving a metal stake into the armour, and Shea hammers it home, breaking the armour’s core.

They meet Miledi in the next room, and she gives the magic of gravitation to Yue. After that Miledi flushes the three out of the room using some water trap. They wash up in some forest area, and Hajime gives mouth-to-mouth to Shea, but she wakes up and begins kissing Hajime. After that, they go to an inn, looking for a room.

There was also a scene with the isekai class, but it didn’t seem very important. Something about the teacher going on an expedition.

Episode Thoughts

First up, I really liked Shea this episode. She was useful, and something about a bunny with a hammer just works. I think she’s managed to find her niche in the party – the muscle. Hajime and Yue have warmed up to her a bit too. She’s also brought a new aspect to Arifureta – fan service. It’s kind of odd for a series to embrace fan service so late.

And the oddest part of the episode was the kiss. It was quite the kiss, tongue on tongue action. I did NOT expect that whatsoever! I don’t even think ecchi anime typically go that far with kissing, so it was a real surprise to me. I don’t think it ruined the episode or anything, but it didn’t feel like it fit. It’s almost like Arifureta is trying to make up for lost fan service potential, by milking Shea for all she’s worth, and I’m not sure it’s the best plan.

I thought Arifureta was supposed to be a dark, edgy, revenge isekai. But when they add fan service and goofy moments it feels less and less like that. That’s my biggest issue with the fan service. While I do like fan service, I think Arifureta would have been better as a dark and gritty anime, like it was trying to be in the first episode.

I thought Miledi was cool, her personality at least. The giant suit of armour boss was pretty boring, so while I think the CGI was a bit better here, I’d still say the hydra boss was more exciting. And I wish we got to see more of the labyrinth instead of rushing through it in a single episode. But I don’t know how many labyrinths there are, so maybe they had to just get through it.

As much as I wish more time was spent on things, I’ll accept that they are working with what they are given, which is 13 episodes. I hate to see an anime rush like this, because I think that it’s better to slow down and cover LESS content, but cover it BETTER, with hopes of a sequel. But I’m not making the decisions in the anime industry, so we just have to take what we can get. I don’t know everything that goes behind these decisions either, it’s possible they knew that there would never be a sequel from the start and just want to get the story out.

In Conclusion…

I liked this episode. We got to see Shea and all she has to offer to the party, and we got to see another labyrinth. While the final fight wasn’t anything to write home about, there were still some good moments. I’m pretty indifferent on the fan service – I enjoy it but I also don’t think it feels right to introduce it this late in the series. At this point it takes away from the tone of the series and makes it feel more casual.

We’ll just have to see where they go next. I’d like to see Hajime run into his former classmates at some point. Maybe we’ll see that soon. Till then, Shea and Yue are fun to watch too.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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