Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 12 (#26)

Last episode, we watched the SOS Brigade’s movie, and came all the way back to episode 01. Now we’re at episode 12, and I can say that it is both great and bizarre to hear Bouken Desho Desho again as the OP considering how long it’s been since I last saw an episode from the first season (there was no OP last episode).

There are two episodes and a movie left after this, time sure flies!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – God Knows Edition

Brief Synopsis

It’s the school festival! With the AV club taking care of viewings for the SOS Brigade’s movie, everyone is free to help their class or do their own thing for the festival. Kyon spends some time with his friends as they visit the maid cafe that Asahina’s class put on, and then proceeds to wander around before going too the gymnasium to listen to the musical performances.

After almost nodding off to the various bands, one band in particular goes on stage to play – and in their midst is none other than Haruhi and Yuki! They play a couple songs, one of which is quite popular and you’ve probably heard it before. The audience is right into it and they put on a good show.

The next day, Haruhi explains to Kyon how she ran into the band club and that two of their members were out for the count, so she volunteered to help. She also volunteered Yuki to help, which was a godsend because Yuki became a master guitarist in an instant. The band club shows up to thank Haruhi.

At lunch Kyon goes for a walk and runs into Haruhi. She mentions that she feels off, and Kyon realizes that it’s likely because Haruhi isn’t used to being thanked. Haruhi then shakes it off and gets excited, bringing up next year and saying that the SOS Brigade has to make a sequel movie and should also form a band to perform.

Episode Thoughts

I love the song, God Knows. It’s not that often anymore that we get full or close to full duration songs in anime like this. While it’s not the full song, it’s a good 2.5 minutes. It’s always at the cultural festival too, now that I think about it, that we get these sort of things. Maybe I just need to watch more school anime.

And the song quickly reminded me of this gem:

Much slower, and a much different feel from the original, but it sounds amazing and has a very emotional tone to it. Just a great song, both original and this version with piano / violins.

As for the episode, I thought it was excellent. Kyon acted exactly as I probably would have if I ever had to attend a cultural festival like this – visit a couple classes / stalls, and then find somewhere to kill time for the rest of the day. Seems more realistic than some other cultural festivals in anime, probably.

We didn’t find out any details about the survey that Kyon’s class was supposedly doing, which was unfortunate. I would have liked to at least see someone trying to pull people aside to ask them questions. That would have been a fun little touch, even if it was just in the background.

Finally, we got to see a more somber side of Haruhi, for a moment. It’s almost as if the excitement of being on stage and putting on a good show brought her back down to Earth, if only for a moment. It was actually quite a powerful scene, seeing that side of Haruhi. Despite all the obnoxious things she’s done in the past, it makes me like her a lot more being able to see a more relaxed side to her.

Oh, and also we got to see Haruhi pout, which has recently become one of my favourite things. I never expected to see a pout by Haruhi, but I’m glad that I did before the series is over!

In Conclusion…

This might have been my favourite episode from the anime. It’s definitely up there with the supernatural-heavy episodes, which were also all excellent. And I think that says a lot, considering this episode doesn’t feature any time travel or crazy fights with giant insects.

And that just makes me all the more glad that I’m watching this in chronological order, because this iconic episode will remain fresher in my memory due to it being the 3rd last episode.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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