Shuffle! (Episode 2) – The Struggles of Maintaining a Harem

Last episode we were introduced to our protagonist, Rin, who lives with his childhood friend Kaede. In addition, two girls have become his neighbours – Nerine and Sia, who are the daughters of the Devil King and God King, respectively. On top of that, we met Rin’s senpai Asa.

What we ended up with is 4 girls in the proverbial anime harem, surely they couldn’t add anymore than that already! Right?

Brief Synopsis

Rin goes to school with Kaede, Nerine, and Sia. On the way, they are ambushed by members of three groups, two of which are newly formed – the KKK (Kitto Kitto Kaede-chan), the RRR (Ran Ran Rin-chan, Rin in this case referring to Nerine), and the SSS (Suki Suki Sia-chan). Basically they are your standard fan clubs, where the fans are all men and their mission is to prevent anyone from touching the girl that they worship. Nerine ends up using her magic to blast the groupies away.

At school, the guys are all jealous over Rin having three girls now, and they all give him a very firm pat on the back as they walk by him all morning. He then spends the school day hiding from the three fan-clubs. His friend Itsuki talks to him about the situation, and puts the thought into his head that there was no way he could make all three girls happy. He goes home and ponders that thought.

The next day, Rin avoids the three girls, and then goes to the arcade alone after school. There he runs into a devil girl who begins clinging to him the moment she sees him. He goes home with her to find Nerine, Sia, their fathers, and Kaede all present for a “neighbourly tea party”. We then find out that the little girl is Primula, a stubborn but powerful devil girl who was friends with Nerine. She mentions that she wants to live with Rin.

Rin realizes that he has been presented with the opportunity to make a girl happy, and decides to let her stay, turning the party into a welcoming party for Primula.

Episode Thoughts

That’s right, another girl has been introduced into the harem. The earlier, the better, I say. Let’s meet all of the harem members sooner rather than later!

Primula fits the role of the clingy younger girl harem character, something that I’ve seen before and I believe is pretty standard. She uses her status as younger as an excuse to cling to the protagonist, much to the irritation of the other harem members. Despite this, she’s never really a true harem candidate when it comes to romance. That’s how it goes with the typical younger harem girl, anyways.

Until now, because I’m continuing on with my dream of the harem end, and everyone is welcome. While a variation, like 2+ girls would be nice, I figure I may as well continue to believe in the truly happiest ending where Rin gets ALL of the girls.

Rin moped around quite a bit this episode, but it seems like when he realized he could make Primula happy, he also realized that he could make the other girls happy too. That’s the correct mindset to take when reaching for the harem ending – just as we are taught by Sugisaki Ken, the harem protagonist master.

In Conclusion…

Overall, this was a fun episode. The three fan clubs are all ridiculous, consisting of bicyclists, soldiers?, and nerdy guys. Also, the abbreviation for Kaede’s club, the KKK, made me laugh. It was in last episode too, but I forgot to mention it, so I’ll mention it here.

Surely they can’t introduce us to MORE female characters next episode, right?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Shuffle! (Episode 2) – The Struggles of Maintaining a Harem

  1. “Primula fits the role of the clingy younger girl harem character, something that I’ve seen before and I believe is pretty standard. ”

    I like how this show takes the “standard” model and spins them. I thoroughly enjoyed this series — I think you’re going to, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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