Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 7) – Taichi Becomes A Summoner

Last episode, a large group of assorted monsters attacked the city. Despite what appeared to be thousands of them being killed, their attack continues!

Also, a pair of twins who were enemies and created an army of orcs with the intent of destorying the town randomly switched sides and joined Taichi after their orb broke.

Finally, Rin gave up fighting and was just about to be crushed by an ogre, when Taichi jumped in at the last second to save the day.

Brief Synopsis

We once again witness Taichi saving Rin after she had lost the will to live. She can take out thousands of enemies with a single spell, but this one ogre was just too much for her. Taichi, using his level 100 enhancement, makes quick work of the ogre.

We then witness a bunch of combat as random adventurers, Rin, Myura, Lemiya, and those twins that switched sides fight off monsters. Taichi fights a group of ogres. Meanwhile, back at camp, the former assassin girl runs into a shady man who says something that causes her to enter into a trance-like state and walk off.

After Taichi defeats the ogres, the earth shakes as a two-headed dragon emerges from the ground. Taichi proceeds to fight it, but is beaten back. The dragon isn’t letting anyone interfere in their fight, firing a warning fireball at Rin. But in the middle of the fight, the former assassin girl walks up to Taichi, and her trance ends as she gets to his side. The dragon gets angry about this and burns her up. On her deathbed, Taichi angrily contacts the wind spirit that had given him power the last time he was in a pinch.

The fairy explains some technicalities or something regarding making a pact with a spirit, or something (I glossed over it…), and Taichi forms a pact with it. Now powered with the wind, Taichi tells Rin confidently that he is now a summoner. He then manages to knock the dragon back, causing the dragon to tell Taichi that it was sent to test his strength, and nothing more. Then it flies off.

The episode ends with a shady figure talking about Taichi.

Episode Thoughts

It’s getting real tough to take this show seriously! First off is the two things I should have mentioned last episode, but still apply here – the twins randomly switching sides, and Rin giving up on life. Both are ridiculous. Rin is able to create a massive hole capable of swallowing up thousands of enemies, but a single ogre is just too much for her? And those twins didn’t do ANYTHING to prove their loyalty, but Taichi is certain that they’re on his side now. Considering how this anime is going, I don’t doubt it either.

Everything is just getting too happy-go-lucky I think. The anime tried to conjure up some sadness with the former assassin girl getting cooked, but considering we had just met her two episodes ago, I wasn’t feeling much sympathy. She’s just such an odd character. She was an assassin, but then the moment she meets Taichi she turns into a total damsel in distress that’s incapable of any combat. Her character doesn’t make sense, and so I’m fine with her untimely death, if she did actually die. I bet she didn’t though, because this anime is seeming too happy-go-lucky for that.

I was actually hoping that she would try and kill Taichi while in her trance-like state, because that would have been better justification for her death than her broken character. It would have been a little more exciting too.

I guess the best part of this episode was just all of the little action shots we got of various monsters being killed. Sort of like how I felt with Goblin Slayer, I enjoy watching these monsters getting slaughtered in fantasy anime.

My final point for this post is in regards to Cassim. When Taichi fought Cassim’s ice elemental, Cassim was very antagonistic and villainous. He seemed like a cool character with some evil intentions. But since then, Cassim has become soft, constantly questioning his organization’s plans and acting worried. What happened to the confidence he had when we first met him? Sort of like with the former assassin girl, I feel like his character has made a pretty drastic change. Is he going to randomly join Taichi’s side at some point also?

In Conclusion…

This anime is just reminding me too much of that slime anime. I’m fine with a protagonist acting as a hero, and I’m fine with good characters. But everything is turning out to be too convenient and too happy-go-lucky for my taste, just like the slime anime was. I want tension. I want imperfect characters who struggle with issues. I want believable fights and situations. I want consistency.

From the start Isekai Cheat Magician has been underwhelming for me, and I don’t think that’s about to change. But I’d like to see if this anime can at least scrap together some sort of story, because while it’s hinted at something regarding Taichi’s summoning, we still haven’t really seen anything happen yet on that note.

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Thanks for reading!

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