Clannad Episode 12 – Newspaper Clippings

Things seem to have settled down once again after seeing the moustached man last episode, the one that Kotomi calls “The Bad Guy”. Now it’s time for Kotomi to turn in the violin she borrowed, what will she focus on next?


Kotomi returns the violin to the girl from the music club, who mentions that it was actually left behind by a student who had graduated. Now that Kotomi has conquered the music world, she’s moving on to.. the comedy world! Or so she thought, as we see Kyou give her a verbal lashing about how comedy isn’t 100% jabs and that she is hopeless. Kotomi tries to tell some jokes but they don’t make any sense and she just ends up making herself laugh.

They all eat some food prepared by Kotomi and Kyou proposes a group date for the next day. So Nagisa, Ryou, Kyou, Kotomi and Okazaki go out and do stuff. After finding out that Kotomi’s birthday is a week away, Kyou tries to win a giant stuffed doll in a crane game using Okazaki’s money. When they are down to their last game it hope seems lost, Fuko appears to save the day! She takes over on the machine and wins a star plushie, mentioning that it was a reflex for her to go for the star. She then disappears just as quickly as she had appeared.

The next day Kotomi, Okazaki, and Kyou are walking up the hill to school when Nagisa runs up to them asking if Ryou was there. She mentions that there was a traffic accident involving a bus. The three run to the scene where they find Ryou uninjured as her bus wasn’t the one that was hit. Even after seeing that Ryou is OK, Kotomi has a complete breakdown and begins screaming and sobbing. They take her to the nurse’s office, and find out later that Kotomi left school early.

They visit her house but no one answers the door, so they leave. Okazaki goes back to double-check and runs into Moustache. Moustache tells Okazaki about how he was a researcher that worked with Kotomi’s parents, and that they had supposedly discovered a sealed world in another dimension. He tells Okazaki to pass on the message to Kotomi that he and the other researchers were sorry and regret what happened.

Okazaki goes to Kotomi’s house and enters through the open back door. On the way to Kotomi’s room he begins having flashbacks of the house. It seems he knew Kotomi as a child. He enters Kotomi’s room to find Kotomi sitting on the floor surrounded by newspaper clippings regarding the death of her parents.

Episode Thoughts

Well, things are certainly getting interesting. I had a feeling that Moustache wasn’t a bad guy, and it’s seeming like I was right. I’m guessing that what happened was the research team, Kotomi’s parents included, got over-excited about their findings and went too far, causing an accident that resulted in the deaths of Kotomi’s parents. Kotomi then associated the rest of the research team with the cause for her parent’s deaths, and that is why she calls Moustache the “bad guy”. Alternatively, her parents became stuck in that sealed world that Moustache mentioned, meaning they aren’t actually dead but still gone.

In addition we find out that Okazaki actually knew Kotomi as a child, and had visited her house. I’m not sure what the implications of this are, to be honest. Also, during her breakdown, Kotomi was saying “I’ll be a good girl..”, so I wonder what the context of that is. Was she abused at some point, or is she just begging for her parents to come back or something like this? I don’t see how it could have been abuse considering Moustache is a good guy who only keeps showing up because he feels guilty and wants to apologize to Kotomi. Guess we’ll find out everything soon enough.

To lighten things up though, we got to see Fuko again! No one remembered her, but she was fine with that. I guess this is how we’ll be able to see Fuko from time to time without finding out anything conclusive about her condition in the hospital. Like a ghost she comes and goes.

In Conclusion…

Things are starting to get very interesting.
So far I’m not feeling any sadness, or impending sadness like I did with Fuko, but this is Clannad so..

I’ll prepare myself anyways.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Clannad Episode 12 – Newspaper Clippings

  1. darkdaemonpk2

    I’d rather not see Fuko to be honest. She is just a nuisance character to begin with and I just couldn’t bring myself to like that bloody git. And yeah, Kotomi had a mental breakdown which is quite surprising to see when I first watched it way back 2007. Kinda eerie to watch even to this day.

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