Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 6) – Stop! They’re Already Dead!

Last episode, Rin and Myura learned about a planned attack on the town that would consist of thousands of monsters. Taichi and the former assassin uncovered an underground cavern that is related to the coming attack.

And so, the attack begins…


Taichi defeats a stone golem, and then he continues through the caverns with his sidekick, the former assassin. They find a room filled with red eggs, and a pair of twins. The twins use an orb to awaken the goblins within the eggs, which Taichi easily defeats. But the eggs keep hatching, and the twins themselves become overrun, dropping their orb. Taichi rescues the twins and escapes with his sidekick.

On the surface, Rin and Myura went to the adventurer’s guild for help. Lemiya also shows up to help out. Rin describes her plan to wipe out the frontlines of the attacking force, using water, earth, and fire. The next day, she gets to put this idea into practice.

Rin starts by creating a massive hole in the earth, causing pretty much the entire enemy frontline army to fall to their deaths. Then, even though they are already dealt with thanks to the giant hole, Rin fills the hole with water, and then uses a giant ball of fire to turn the water into a giant vent of steam.

Rin, Myura, and Lemiya then fight the enemy on the ground. A powerful red ogre appears, and just as it’s about to attack Rin, Taichi appears to save her.

Episode Thoughts

As you can guess from the post title, I got a good laugh watching Rin’s super spell in action. The fact that she pretty much accomplished what she set out to do in the very first step with the giant hole, and then continued to pile on the pain anyways, was pretty funny. Plus, the steam vent she created all went straight upward, so pretty much only the enemies that fell in the hole in the first place would have been affected by it.

It probably would have been a better idea to just create more holes.

Aside from that funny moment, we got to see Taichi jump in at the last second to save someone three times this episode. Whens the last time an anime hero did that? First he jumped in at the last second to save the assassin girl from the stone golem. Then he jumped in at the last second to save the twins from the goblins. And finally he jumped in at the last second to save Rin from the red ogre.

Good ol’ Taichi, waiting until the fear of death has reached one’s heart before saving them. I bet he does it on purpose too, to make people feel more indebted to him.

That’s about all I took away from this episode.
Not much else that caught my eye or seemed that interesting, to be honest.

In Conclusion…

In the end, this episode was pretty average. I think some of the best moments were watching Lemiya and her spells, although they didn’t show them all. So it was nice to see some magic used, like Rin’s hole / steam spell was very entertaining.

If they just keep showing us magic spells that annihilate large quantities of enemies, I’ll be satisfied. There’s just something satisfying about thousands of goblins / orcs / whatever being destroyed in a variety of ways using magic.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 6) – Stop! They’re Already Dead!

  1. I hated this episode. Firstly, we have the assassin girl who since putting on a dress has turned into a damsel. Then we have the twins laughing about the goblins raping the women and eating the men and children. Want to be truly terrifying rape everyone and then eat them… Anyhow, sure let’s save them, that seems like a good idea. Then finally, Rin just gave up out of nowhere and decided to let the red ogre try to kill her.
    Clearly, she had the power to destroy the entire army if she had just been a little more strategic.

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    1. Yeah I thought about mentioning how the twins somehow completely transformed into a pair of lovely helpers, and it was annoying how the assassin girl changed to become useless, not that we knew much of her before anyways.

      And you’re right it doesn’t really make sense that Rin can create a massive hole in the earth but can’t figure out how to take on the ogre… I didn’t even think of that.

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