Clannad Episode 11 – A Grand Performance

Last episode we learned that Kotomi is very skilled at the violin. She also joined the unofficial theatre club, which means they now have 2 members, and 3 if you include Okazaki.

With this episode we were treated to more Kotomi.

Brief Synopsis

Kotomi was able to borrow the violin from the music club for longer, allowing her to go around and terrorize the school with it. Kyou tries to move her focus to acting and using funny quips, but it doesn’t work too well. In the end Kyou decides to get the violin out of Kotomi’s system and suggests they hold a violin recital for Kotomi.

Kotomi then practices everyday with Ryou and Nagisa up until the day of the recital. Kyou managed to blackmail many delinquent students into showing up using her status as a class rep. Sunohara, Nagisa’s parents, Tomoyo, and various other characters show up for the recital. Despite all of Kotomi’s practice, it goes just about as expected.

Everyone encourages Kotomi anyways though and tells her it was good, because of that child-like side of Kotomi that makes you not want to disappoint her. The episode ends on the way home from the recital, as the moustached man tries to approach Kotomi and she runs away. Okazaki confronts him and he mentions that he will come back some other time.

Episode Thoughts

This was more of that good ol’ slice of life side of Clannad. We’re getting to see just how oblivious and naive Kotomi is, despite her ability to retain vast amounts of information and genius status. I’m glad she’s unofficially part of the theatre club, because it’s fun to see her try and recite lines or jokes.

While the recital felt like slice of life fluff (in a good way), it’s nice to see that Kotomi’s backstory will be progressed to some degree next episode as I’m sure we’ll learn about the moustached man and his relation to Kotomi. While Kotomi called him a bad man, I have a feeling he actually has a good reason for why he is trying to meet with her. A misunderstanding or something like this.

Kyou expressed some interest in Okazaki this episode, by asking him some question about whether he would hypothetically return a girl’s feelings if she confessed to him. Naturally he didn’t give a straight answer, but it’s clear that Kyou has a thing for him and has for a while.

My favourite moment from this episode was a simple one. Prior to the recital, Okazaki, Nagisa, Kyou and Ryou are at a bulletin board on the school grounds. There on the board is a poster for the recital covered in Dangos, causing Okazaki to comment that it was obvious who made the poster.

In Conclusion…

Another fun episode of Clannad. Kotomi is a very cute and innocent character, and it’s fun to see her when she is out of her element, trying to do things aside from reading and spacing out.

I look forward to seeing where her story goes.. hopefully it’s not as sad as the last arc.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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