Date A Live S2 E2 – Two For One!

Last episode was a little bit of an introduction to S2 of Date A Live.

We’ve learned about a man named Mr. Westcott, who has a lot of pull over the AST and an interest in taking down spirits. We also found out that Shido and Tohka were going on a vacation.. which brings us to this episode!

Date A Live S2 – Mr. Westcott’s Approval Edition


Shido and Tohka’s trip destination is changed last-minute from Okinawa to some remote island that just happens to be owned by DEM Industries, the company owned by Mr. Westcott. His assistant, Ellen, will be accompanying the class as a “travel agent photographer”.

The class arrives at the island and in typical anime fashion our main characters Shido and Tohka get lost right out of the gate. Ellen tries to follow them but keeps getting brigaded by those three annoying girls who seem to be everywhere. While lost, a vicious storm begins to brew, with rushing winds. Only, it’s not a storm, but two spirits!

The two spirits are twins, one named Kaguya and the other Yuzuru. And it seems they have a very intense rivalry, causing them to fight each other constantly. Shido breaks up their fight, which draws their attention. Kaguya then comes up with the brilliant idea of competing to see which twin can win Shido’s heart, and they both begin to latch onto him.

The twins are passed off as “transfer students”. We learn that they used to be one spirit called Yamai, but that it was split into two. They are now fighting to become Yamai once again, but the problem is that one of them will lose their personality once they reunite. Which is why they are competing against one another.

Afterwards Shido goes to the hot springs and the twins follow him in, followed by Tohka. It ends up being that the twins had switched the signs so that they weren’t in the males bath, but that Shido was in the females bath. Cue another anime “great escape” as Shido falls off the cliff behind the bath. Shido makes it to Reine safetly.

The episode ends with Ellen making the call to proceed with a plan that night.

Episode Thoughts

Things are certainly getting exciting, aren’t they? We’ve met a new spirit in the form of twins, and there is a organization that is trying to take down Tohka. I’m guessing that Ellen never found out about Kaguya and Yuzuru, that they are spirits. They seem pretty disconnected from everything that’s going on. At least they were, before they ran into Shido.

I suppose I should try and choose between Kaguya and Yuzuru. It’s a tough one, but I’d choose Kaguya in the end. I like Kaguya’s personality, and I like Yuzuru’s hair – but I’m guessing that the hair would change should they reunite anyways, so I’d prefer Kaguya’s personality is the one that stays. Of course there’s the chance they just don’t reunite and stay as twins, because Shido might end up sealing their powers.

We got some fun scenes in this episode, although I will admit that the hot springs scene wasn’t anything special. We didn’t get to see anything, as the girls all wore towels – when anime do that, it kind of defeats the purpose of the bath in the first place. Plus I always find it so stressful watching the protagonist trying to hide / escape from the bath! It’s amazing how common this situation is in anime.

I’m not even sure what will happen next episode. I’d assume that we’re going to see some development with the twins and Shido… maybe even some type of date? But the problem is the whole “plan” that is being executed. What will happen with that, I wonder? Will it cause some chaos, or fail, or succeed? I believe the plan is to kidnap Tohka.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

In Conclusion…

Fun episode with some serious developments. While I’ve got some ideas as to what could happen, there are a lot of possibilities.

As always, I’m interested in seeing what happens next here!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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