Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 5.5) – Recap + Bunnygirl

Last episode, Hajime learned some ancient magic from the spirit of the maverick that once lived on the labyrinth’s 100th floor. He and Yue then spent some time gearing up and preparing for the next step in their journey – heading back to the surface, via teleportation.

Unfortunately, this is not episode 6, but episode 5.5.
What this means is that the episode is 99% recap, and 1% teaser for the next episode.

And so, I’ll just go over the super short teaser at the end of this recap episode, and we’ll be done here.

Brief Synopsis

Hajime and Yue activate the magic circle in order to teleport up to the surface. On the surface, we see a bunnygirl waiting for them. She is attacked by a monster and claws her way up the side of a cliff. Then she spots the magic circle for what must be Hajime and Yue arriving.

The end.

I may as well show you what it looks like in images too, and save you from having to watch anything from this episode:

There’s not much to comment on really. She seems cute enough. I checked the end of episode 5 and noticed that episode 6 is titled “Worthless Rabbit”, so this must be her. Just from that alone I’m reminded of the rabbit from that Problem Children anime…

Anyways, we’ll find out who this bunnygirl is next episode!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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