Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Episode 28 (#24)

The SOS Brigade’s movie is just about finished, just a few more touches here and there and it’ll be ready for Golden Globe nominations!

However, it seems that Haruhi is getting a little TOO into things…

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Talking Cat Edition

Lengthy Synopsis

Filming continues. Haruhi wants a stray cat for the movie, so Yuki takes the club to an area behind her apartment building with a bunch of stray cats. Haruhi wanted a black cat, but has to settle for a calico cat. She also wants it to talk, but it never speaks… until she leaves. And then the other SOS Brigade members have to sort out the fact that there is a talking cat in their presence.

After that, more of Haruhi’s wishes for the movie begin coming true in the world – animals changing, Mikuru’s model guns firing giant blasts of water, more dangerous contact lenses, and cherry blossom nonsense. This phenomenon is causing some pressure on the organizations behind Mikuru and Itsuki.

Kyon ends up finding out that Mikuru’s organization has a different interpretation of Haruhi than Itsuki. Her organization believes that the world has always been the way it is, and that Haruhi just has the power to change the present. The difference is just that Itsuki’s organization believes Haruhi is a god that created everything three years ago and controls everything, far beyond just a powerful individual.

Kyon also asks Yuki what her stance is on Haruhi, and hers is somewhat more similar to Mikuru in that Haruhi is not the ultimate god, that the supernatural has always existed. Haruhi was created in order to unconsciously discover the supernatural, but never realize it herself. And that the universe purposely works to prevent her from ever realizing it – partly through the SOS Brigade members and Kyon.

Itsuki also visits Kyon one evening. His organization is worried that Haruhi’s movie may end up changing the world forever, and so he asks Kyon to try to convince Haruhi that it’s just a movie, and to treat it more like a movie and not reality.

Kyon and Haruhi end up pulling an all-nighter to finish editing the movie, but both fall asleep at some point. When they wake up, the movie somehow had been completely finished, and Kyon wasn’t sure how. Haruhi simply assumes it was Kyon who did it. They screen the movie at the festival and we find out that Kyon made Haruhi include a “This is a purely fictional movie” disclaimer at the end, which was how he got her to come back to reality.

The episode ends with Kyon telling Haruhi that Yuki, Mikuru, and Itsuki are an alien, time traveller, and esper. She calls him ridiculous and walks out of the restaurant they were in.

Episode Thoughts

Well I hadn’t expected to write such a long synopsis, but I felt like it was important to include what the various organizations in the SOS Brigade believe, because it was interesting. This episode had a nice serious tone as a result.

Now I wonder about the movie itself… they’ll show it to us next episode right? I remember Haruhi Episode 1 (broadcast order) included Yuki wearing a witches hat, so I’m assuming that next episode is just the movie they made. I hope that’s the case, at least.

So then there are just two things I’m left wondering.

First is the survey Kyon’s class did for the festival – what was the survey about? How was it carried out? We didn’t end up seeing anything about it at all, unless I missed something.

Second is the reception to the movie. What did people think? To be fair, I’ll probably get an idea of what people thought based on how it actually is, which I’ll see next episode. After all of their editing and whatnot, I wonder if it’ll end up better than the movies I made in high school? The movie looked hopeless when they were filming, with no script or storyboards, but now I’m very curious…!

In Conclusion…

This really was an excellent episode to wrap up the “Haruhi makes a movie” arc. I loved the serious tones in this episode, especially the dynamic of “Mikuru’s organization vs. Itsuki’s organization”, although I’m not sure if that will end up going anywhere. It’d be cool to see a situation where Kyon is forced to choose between two courses of action based on the conflict of ideas between the two organizations. Maybe they were trying to create that situation this episode, but it didn’t really feel like it if that’s the case.

Oh, and I would have loved to see more of the talking cat, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see him that much..

Regardless, this was a great episode.
I look forward to seeing their movie next episode, assuming that’s what it is.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Episode 28 (#24)

  1. Stefan Keys

    I am glad to see haruhi hasn’t totally been forgotten. It’s a bit of a slow series but I liked it. If you had used the broadcast order then you would have watched the movie first. Personally I found the movie they made to be boring. Have you watched the dissapearance of haruhi Suzumiya?

    I have heard the novels are pretty good too but I haven’t gotten around to read them partly because the novel series was not finished.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always felt like the entire Movie arc gets too much of a bad rap. It’s true that this is generally Haruhi at her worst/most unlikable (which tends to be the biggest complaint), but I don’t feel like what she does in these episodes is any worse than what she did to Mikuru in Melancholy II, and more importantly this arc is a major catalyst for her character growth going forward. And yeah, Shamisen (the cat) is one of my favorite side characters in the series – I’ve never shown Haruhi to anyone and had them fail to laugh out loud the first time that cat starts talking.

    Now the big unanswered question for me was never about the survey, it was about how the finished copy of the movie ended up in their possession. I’m assuming some time travel is involved but unfortunately it was never brought up again, though I have read a few fanfics that offered their own theories.

    Liked by 1 person

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