Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 5) – Dungeon Complete?

Last episode Hajime and Yue managed to defeat the hydra residing on the 100th floor, but Hajime took some serious damage as a result. What will await them now that the floor’s boss has been defeated?

Brief Synopsis

Hajime wakes up to find Yue sleeping in a bed next to him… naked (Remember! She’s 300 years old!). She explains that after they defeated the hydra, she found this bed, which she took Hajime to and gave him some holy water. And that’s the gist of it.

Now that they are awake and able, the two go explore what remains of the floor, which is primarily a mansion. They explore the mansion and eventually find themselves in a room with a giant magic circle on the ground and a corpse sitting in a chair on the opposite end of the room. Hajime, believing this circle to be their key back to the surface, steps into it. The circle activates and the ghost of the Maverick that once resided in this mansion appears, giving a message about how he was waiting for someone to conquer the labyrinth.

The ghost of the Maverick then gives his powers to Hajime, teaching Hajime ancient magic that allows him to transmute more complicated objects. Instead of heading to the surface, Hajime decides to stay in the mansion with Yue and unlock all of the secrets they can. They learn about other labyrinths in the world that contain more powerful ancient magics – and one of them may contain a way for Hajime to head back to his home world. Two months later, the couple are kitted out in some nice looking gear and are ready to head to the surface.

As for the rest of the isekai class, they manage to reach the 65th floor once again and challenge the behemoth once again. This time they are stronger though, end end up defeating it.

Episode Thoughts

I really liked this episode. Last episode was packed full of action, so I was more than happy to relax and watch as Hajime and Yue uncover the secrets of the Maverick and his mansion. Hajime is now able to create more complicated and badass weaponry – we even see him create a humvee at one point. So basically no modern weapon is off the table now! I thought Hajime was already overpowered from episode one when he was levelling up crazy fast, but he’s continuing to power up, and it’s become much more satisfying.

Now that I know Hajime a bit better, I’m starting to enjoy his journey much more. Plus Yue is super cute and I’m really liking her as well. I just have to keep reminding myself that she is 300 years old… The two also make for a nice couple. The height difference as well as the quiet demeanor of Yue makes this couple remind me of Sora and Shiro from No Game No Life.

There was one moment I thought was funny, which was when the isekai class was fighting the behemoth. Someone used his strength ability to stop the behemoth’s charge, making it vulnerable. And then a swordsman jumped into action to get a free hit, and he decides to attack the behemoth’s horn… Really? Attacking it’s horn? Why not attack the nice big fleshy neck that’s right below the horns? There’s no way it’s horns are weaker than it’s neck…

“Damn, this horn is too tough!” – Swordsman who should have attacked the neck, not the horn.

Finally, I thought it was cool to see Hajime and Yue all geared out as they prepared to head back to the surface, which is something I am very excited for. Will they encounter any of the isekai class, like the teacher for example? Maybe they won’t even recognize Hajime now. Plus these two just came from the 100th floor of a dungeon, so how will their strength compare to creatures on the surface? Also what sort of new weaponry will we see from Hajime?

Lots to look forward to moving forward in Arifureta!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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