Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 27 (#23)

The movie filming continues, with Kyon & Mikuru’s friends joining in on the fun.
What ridiculous scenes will they film this time?

Haruhi Director.jpg
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Director Haruhi Edition

Not So Brief Synopsis

Haruhi & Co. go to a fenced off… pond?  While it’s off limits, this doesn’t stop Haruhi. Why it’s off limits is beyond me, the best explanation given was “because people fell in a lot”, but what differentiates this from any other pond that people could also fall into? Beats falling onto concrete right? I think the better explanation is just that the water looked very dingy, and they don’t want people getting sick after falling in or something like this. I guess it’s both reasons.

Anyways, the filming cast and crew proceed to a walkway on the pond and get to filming some scenes containing amazing acting from Yuki and Mikuru. Haruhi puts another colour contact into Mikuru’s eye, causing Yuki to tackle her to the ground and wrestle it out, but not before it cut a section of fence in the distance and tore up Yuki’s hand.

Then Haruhi decides that she wants Yuki’s new minions, their new cast members, to throw Mikuru into the water. Natually Mikuru isn’t a fan of this idea, but after some tears she agrees, because Itsuki has been really emphasizing the whole “we have to do whatever Haruhi says or else the universe as we know it could be destroyed” bit. So they toss Mikuru in, Kyon’s friend falls in with her, and then the decision is made to go to Mikuru’s friends house.

There they film it as if Itsuki had rescued Mikuru and brought her back to his place. The only kicker is that Mikuru’s friend had slipped some sake into her drink, making her very receptive. So when Haruhi tells her to kiss Itsuki, she goes along with it. This causes Kyon to object. Haruhi then hits Mikuru, causing Kyon to lose it on Haruhi, climaxing with him raising his fist before being held back by Itsuki. They get into an argument and filming ends for the day.

On their way home, Itsuki shows Kyon more proof of Haruhi’s powers through some pigeons that she had wished were white. He once again lays down the whole “we have to let Haruhi do whatever she wants or else” schtick. The next day Kyon’s friend begins badmouthing Haruhi and her movie, which causes Kyon to get angry because at least Haruhi is doing something for the festival. He then goes to the clubroom and tells Haruhi that they’ve got a movie to finish, which causes her to cheer up and get right back into it.

Mikuru Tears.jpg

Episode Thoughts

How was that for a synopsis? I’m not sure if I should be injecting some of my personal thoughts / takes into the synopsis like this, because it draws it out, but I also think it’s more fun to read this way.

What this episode proved was that there is a flaw in Itsuki’s whole rationale of “we have to enable Haruhi or else”, and that’s Kyon. Kyon isn’t subject to those rules, because unlike everyone else, Haruhi really cares about what Kyon thinks of her and what she does. At least to a much larger degree than anyone else. And so if Haruhi is being excessive in her bullying of Mikuru, which she absolutely was considering this entire movie has been “Bullying Mikuru Asahina: The Movie” so far, Kyon is the only one who can set her straight.

While I don’t condone the use of violence, I can understand Kyon getting heated in the moment. After his objections, Haruhi told him that she’s allowed to do whatever she wants because she is the director, and that Mikuru is her toy. It’s understandable why Kyon got so angry, because even as a viewer I felt angry at the complete lack of empathy displayed by Haruhi. That’s probably Haruhi’s most prominent quality throughout the series – a lack of empathy for others.

Angry Haruhi.jpg

I really loved how the anime got Kyon to bounce back after his fight with Haruhi, by using his useless friend to re-motivate him into realizing that Haruhi was still trying to accomplish something, even if her methods were a bit off. I can totally get that, because there’s a difference between someone who creates something, and someone who has never created anything. I have a lot of respect for people who aren’t just talk, who actually go out and create something. I don’t even care what it is, I just have respect for that mindset and the drive to create.

I’d like to think Kyon felt something similar towards Haruhi in that moment, when he had that realization – at least Haruhi is doing something! Talk is cheap, as they say.

Finally, I’d also like to quickly mention that I don’t like Itsuki. I’ve never liked him that much from the start, but he was really flaunting his usual “holier than thou” attitude in this episode. What really got me was when Itsuki belittled Kyon after the fight, by saying “I thought you were a more rational person”, implying that Kyon’s objections were not logical. Kyon had very good reasons to do what he did, and step in when he did. If he doesn’t stand up for Mikuru, no one will, because Itsuki is a spineless coward who only believes in spoiling Haruhi, and Yuki is strictly an observer who doesn’t want Haruhi to learn of her powers.

Unlike Itsuki, Kyon actually has honour. Even if his actions “weren’t logical”, he promised to Mikuru that he would stand up for her. Which is something that I’m sure Itsuki wouldn’t understand.

Itsuki Kyon

In Conclusion…

Excellent episode. While there have been similar episodes in the past that show just how important Kyon is, I felt like this episode was the biggest eye-opener. Mainly because of how Itsuki’s “logic” was broken down, at least a little bit, thanks to Kyon’s special status in Haruhi’s eyes.

While I didn’t write much about it, we did also get some more cheesy movie shots.
I’m still looking forward to watching the final product, so hopefully we get that soon!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 27 (#23)

  1. When I first watched this episode I really wished Kyon had stepped in earlier. Itsuki might blame him for being irrational, but honestly it is irrational to allow something like that to happen in front of you without trying to stop it. Kyon holding out as long as he did just made me mad.

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