Circlet Princess Episode 12 Review

We’ve done it, we’ve made it to the end of Circlet Princess.. only a few seasons later than originally intended. But I said I’d stick with it just like I stuck with Pastel Memories from the same season. So here we are!

The final episode.

Brief Synopsis

Thanks to her victory over Chikage last round due to the invention of boxing, Yuuka’s school had managed to reset the finals bracket. And instead of a break, or team strategy meetings, or anything, they decide to just continue the fight between Yuuka and Chikage in one winner takes all fight. It’s not like Circlet Bout had much in terms of rules anyways.

Chikage upgrades to her own boxing gloves and style, and the fight starts out with Yuuka taking a beating. But then, just as you’d expect, Yuuka remembers all of the help she’s had along the way and powers up. The two are dead even in strength, and then something amazing happens!

Despite this being a virtual sport, somehow, the thoughts and feelings of everyone watching begin to pour into Yuuka and Chikage, powering them both up even more! Nothing makes sense anymore in this sport.

Anyways, Yuuka ends up winning after her powerup causes a crown to appear on her head, making her the Circlet Princess!

The anime then skips to three months in the future, where apparently a whole bunch of rules for Circlet Bout have been changed and whatnot, the biggest being a shift to team battles. Chikage leaves to go overseas because apparently individual battles no longer exist in any capacity in Japan anymore.

And that’s about it.

Episode Thoughts

First off, it’s about time they actually introduced some rules to Circlet Bout. From what they mention, many rules were added such as weapon restrictions. Maybe they won’t change the rules for the next final match too, like they did with this one. The funny part is that even after Yuuka won, it was still possible for Chikage’s school to win. But hey, who am I to judge, there’s been no consistency in the sport whatsoever anyways.

And what’s with the change to only team based fights? I can see them being entertaining, but you’d think individual fights would be more popular than ever after Yuuka and Chikage’s big fight in the finals. It’s actually possible to have BOTH categories exist at the same time… I’m convinced at this point that the officials behind Circlet Bout are just a bunch of idiots, and have been the entire time.

That said you may have noticed that my favourite part of Circlet Princess has been bashing Circlet Bout, because it’s probably the biggest joke of a sport I’ve ever seen in anime!

Yuuka went from a giant sword to dual wielding to straight up boxing all in two matches. Chikage also went from wielding a sword to boxing in one match. Who taught them to box? And why would this even be the ultimate fighting technique in a sport where guns, grenades, and any melee weapon you can dream of exist?

Nothing in this anime makes sense, so I guess it makes sense that the ending makes even less sense.

A beautiful right hook. The epitome of Circlet Bout right here.

In Conclusion…

This was a ridiculous ending to the anime, but it was also the expected ending. It got a few laughs from me, and the action was still good. But it was a dumb ending when you consider that everything up until this episode was thrown out the window in favour of magic. That’s essentially what happened, with Yuuka and Chikage magically upgrading their virtual weaponry in a pseudo arms race.

I’ll say it was an all right ending for now, and you will just have to wait for my series review to find out my overall thoughts on this anime.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading!

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