Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 4) – Desperate Power

Last episode Taichi and Rin had teamed up with Myura to investigate a series of thefts at a fruit plantation, where apparently a mage was helping the group of thieves.

And so the plot thickens…


The episode opens up with the captured assassin girl from last episode, and the adventurer’s guild master asking her if she had made a decision. It seems they’ve made some sort of deal.

Meanwhile, Taichi and crew continue to search for the thieves using Rin’s detection magic. They end up finding three thugs that surrender once threatened. Two of the farmhands take them away to turn them into the local watch. One farmhand, Cassim, remains and shakes Taichi’s hand. Taichi notices that his hands are soft for a farmer, and then Rin mentions that they are suspicious of Cassim.

The jig is up, and a female mage who was hidden using a cloak of invisibility appears. Cassim challenges Taichi to a fight, and the female mage takes on Rin and Myura.

Rin and Myura lose their fight decidedly at first, but then all of the sudden Rin mentions that they were only “experimenting” with their tactics. They begin to take the fight seriously and end up defeating the female mage.

Cassim summons a frost elemental to fight Taichi. Taichi is unable to inflict any damage on it because it’s an elemental and apparently they don’t take any physical damage in this world, which is all Taichi is capable of doing. Cassim then powers the elemental up to become a red elemental, and it pounds Taichi into the ground. Just as it seems all hope is lost, a wind spirit named Aerial offers to help Taichi and gives him the power of wind. He defeats the elemental and wounds Cassim as he escapes with the female mage.

Episode Thoughts

Well, that’s the longest synopsis yet for Isekai Cheat. I think. And there’s a reason for it – it actually felt like something happened this episode, which motivated me to try and cover it properly in the synopsis instead of just writing something very broad.

While most of the episode was just the two fights, and they were great. Plenty of action. And despite how cliche both fights went with the heroes losing at first only to come back and win, I still enjoyed watching some fights take place in this new world. Although Taichi is a bit on the boring side, only able to punch things, it was nice to see him blast out some wind magic in the end.

One thing that bugged me was that I think Taichi could have won his fight early on. If you take a look at this image:

You will notice that there are two enemies. One can’t be damaged by physical attacks, one can. So maybe, just maybe, Taichi should have attacked Cassim instead of playing around with the elemental? Believe it or not, you don’t HAVE to defeat the summon before going after the summoner. And Taichi clearly would be strong enough to deal some damage to Cassim, considering his augmented strength and speed due to his enormous magic pool.

But I guess that would have been too easy. I was hoping that Taichi would realize it at some point, but instead he apparently just kept attacking the elemental with his fists. That’s Taichi for ya, not a very smart guy.

In Conclusion…

Issues aside, I still really enjoyed this episode. This series needed some real enemies as well as some quality action I think, so to get that really injected a bit of life into it I’d say. While it’ll probably continue being a bit cliche, this episode was a good start to hopefully some more fun episodes in the future.

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Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat Magician (Episode 4) – Desperate Power

  1. This episode definitely helped the series along. It also brings up the point that people are actually looking for the guy who was summoned an that maybe we’ll find out why they were brought to this world at some point.

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