Ikkitousen Episode 13 – Three Kingdoms

Here we are, the final episode of Ikkitousen S1.
I’ll still write a review for the season as well, but after this I’ll be moving my Ikkitousen posts to EcchiHunter because it’d fit better over there.

And with that let’s get the final synopsis for S1 going!

Brief Synopsis

As Hakufu’s mind had been taken over by Totaku, she was in the middle of strangling Saji / Ouin to death. Kannei managed to recover from the damage he took from Ryomou and bashes Hakufu on the head. This causes her to turn and destroy Kannei, leaving him a bloody mess. Koukin steps in to prevent her from killing Kannei, causing her to turn on him.

As Hakufu is beating Koukin, Ukitsu (the one destined to kill Hakufu) arrives and begins to fight Hakufu. This awakens the dragon within Hakufu, the spirit of Sun Ce – which then eliminates Totaku’s last control over her. Saji / Ouin, seeing Ukitsu, realizes that fate is moving much faster than he had expected and tries to commit suicide by falling off a cliff, as he is sick of fates at this point.

But Hakufu and friends save him. Ukitsu makes an agreement to let Hakufu recover before they fight for real, and everyone goes home or to the hospital.

Sometime later Hakufu goes to Gogun High to fight Ukitsu. The dragon awakens within her during the fight, and the fight ends in a draw. Both Hakufu and Ukitsu decide that they too are sick of their lives being dictated by fate, and throw their sacred beads away.

The episode ends with a hint of what is to come..

One of Totaku’s former sesrvants brings the Imperial Seal to Sousou and brings Rakuyo under his control. This forms one of the three kingdoms. The second kingdom is referenced to be Kanu Unchou’s school. And the third is hinted to be Hakufu’s school, Nanyo, with Ukitsu’s school underneath them. Hakufu was given leadership over Nanyo, making her the third leader.

Episode Thoughts

This was a nice ending to the season. One that ends on a happy note for the most part too. Totaku fell, and from the fallout rose three kingdoms.. although we really only saw two with Sousou (Cao Cao) and Hakufu’s (Sun Ce) schools. They decided to leave the third kingdom, Liu Bei’s, out of it for the most part, as Kanu Unchou is Guan Yu and we never even met the character for Liu Bei in this season, who would be the leader of Kanu’s school.

I suppose one big difference from the Three Kingdoms, aside from Sun Ce being the leader of a kingdom instead of Sun Quan (who we haven’t met yet) is that Lu Bu (Ryofu) died with Totaku. I believe Lu Bu persisted for some time after he killed Dong Zhuo in the actual story, but I guess they wanted to fast-track past that here. I’m no expert on the Three Kingdoms though.

This episode just leaves a few lingering questions.

What will happen with Kannei?
Will Saji / Ouin continue to serve Hakufu?
Will Taishiji join Hakufu once he recovers from the hospital?
And.. will Gakushu be useful at any point in future seasons?

There is a lot to look forward to as the situation develops. While this season felt like it ended on a nice note, it’s clear that the peace will not last long as the three new kingdoms in Ikkitousen begin to move against one another.

As I mentioned before, I’ll be covering Ikkitousen S2 on another blog as I continue to watch through it all. I’ll be sure to include a link to the first post down below though so that it’s easy to find once it’s out.

Also you can expect me to write a review for this season on this blog, and I may still write full season reviews for the future seasons here as well.

Until then,
Thanks for reading!

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