Date A Live: Date to Date (OVA) Review

Before jumping over to Date A Live Season 2, there was this one OVA for me to watch – Date A Live: Date to Date.

Tohka Cellphone.jpg


Tohka gets a cellphone.

Origami asks Shido on a date. With Ratatoskr’s help, he goes into this date with the mission of getting Origami to give up on him, because she keeps getting in the way of his mission to save spirits. Unfortunately, none of their attempts manage to work, as Origami seems to be accepting of everything, and has no shame.

We also get a misunderstanding with Tohka, who calls Shido at the wrong time. She ends up fighting a lot with Origami, and going on her own dates with Shido to blow off some steam and try to impress him. After Shido mentions that he likes a certain phone strap, both Tohka and Origami go out and individually get their own versions of it, and Origami also gets one for Shido. So in the end they all get the same strap.

Phone Straps.jpg

Epiosde Thoughts

Weak synopsis, I know.

But this is an OVA, and there was no overarching story here. It really was all about the dates – Shido’s date with Origami, and his dates with Tohka. The Origami date in particular was excellent, as Shido was coached by Ratatoskr to give the worst possible answers, but it was never enough to affect Origami’s love for Shido. Still,  there were some fun moments contained in that date.

I do wonder though, would this episode have taken place before or after the events of Season 1? Because in the end Origami was strapped to a stretcher and taken away by the AST, and I thought she would have gotten into some sort of trouble for stealing their experimental suit. I think it was destroyed as well.. or damaged at least. So you’d think they wouldn’t just let her go back to school without any issues… which would mean that this episode probably takes place before she stole the suit, right? I guess we might hear more about that in Season 2.

Origami Dog Ears.jpg

And then the Tohka stuff was all right. Tohka’s voice sounded different in this OVA, with a higher pitch / tone. Apparently the VA never changed though, so I guess maybe it was decided that they should try and make Tohka a more loveable character by changing her voice? Personally I found it hard to get used to though, I liked her usual voice.

I mentioned that Tohka seemed like she was going to be the show’s mascot character, only to not get much screentime in Season 1. I feel like a large part of this OVA was trying to just place emphasis on Tohka, maybe to compensate for that. I’m not sure what I think of this Tohka that seems to have completely dropped her tsundere side and moved almost completely over to deredere… she still gets a bit embarrassed and whatnot, but it seems like this Tohka is just 100% focused on getting Shido’s attention and approval above everything else. I understand why she’d be like that as a character, but I would have liked to see Tohka keep some of her pride from before.

Tohka Cellphone 2.jpg

Favourite Moments

Kotori Ear

This is a small thing, but I really liked the addition of a little “Kotori” speech bubble next to Shido when she is communicating with him on his date. I think that it adds a lot to the scene, and it was done several times too. I hope they keep using this going forward with future dates.

Kotori Ear.jpg

Vice-Captain Has Been Defeated

There’s one moment where Shido is told to stop Origami from going to the washroom. Her response is to take off her skirt and ask Shido if he wants her to do something else instead…. this causes Vice-Captain Kannazuki to call Origami a pervert, eliciting a kick from Kotori because he’s the last person who should be calling anyone a pervert.


Tobiichi “Dog” Origami

Origami has no shame, and so she had no issues putting on a swimsuit with dog ears + tail. She also had no issues getting down on her hands and knees and acting like a dog. Was funny to see Shido’s reaction.

Origami Dog.jpg

In Conclusion…

This was a fun episode. While it contributes nothing to the overarching story, I got to see another Ratatoskr backed date and that’s what Date A Live is all about. The episode also indulges the guilty pleasure of having them choose the worst options, as opposed to the best ones. Although to be honest I would have preferred to see Origami in a sailor outfit with bloomers than the dog swimsuit outfit…

Anyways, I won’t give this a numerical rating cause it’s just an OVA episode.
Instead the rating is just “this was a good episode”.
If you liked Date A Live S1, you’ll enjoy this.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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