Circlet Princess Episode 11 Review

It’s time for the final matchup – Yuuka vs. Chikage..
Plus some other side characters.

The end of the tournament is in sight!

Circlet Princess Yuuka.jpg

Brief Synopsis

The final match of the tournament begins.

First up is Reina vs. some girl that uses a whip, and Reina ends up losing. It’s a sort of ridiculous fight, with the whip girl somehow blocking blows using her whip.

Next is Miyuki vs. some girl that uses a flail. Naturally, because we have to see the final match of Yuuka vs. Chikage, Miyuki wins.

Finally, we get the fight everyone has been waiting for. Yuuka and her new dual wield swords vs. Chikage and her scythe that transforms into a sword later on. After some back and forth, Chikage goes on the offensive and manages to shatter Yuuka’s weapons. But Yuuka isn’t finished yet, because a pair of crystals appear on the back of her hands, creating a pair of circlet bout-esque boxing gloves!

Yuuka then proceeds to decimate Chikage, dodging her attacks and weaving in punches until Chikage’s weapon breaks. Chikage loses, and the bracket (because Yuuka’s school was in the loser’s bracket) resets, meaning there will be one more match. Chikage then manages to form her own pair of boxing gloves. It seems the nature of circlet bout has devolved to straight up fist fighting…!

Episode Thoughts

Well, who could have seen this coming?

First I’ll mention that the fight between Yuuka and Chikage was excellent. Very similar to their fight in the very first episode, you can tell the animation studio was saving their budget for this fight, and next episode’s.

But I have to say, this show just keeps getting more and more ridiculous! Last episode we saw that the contestants can use literal grenades in addition to guns, and this episode we’re finding out that the ultimate form of circlet bout is actually… boxing! My favourite part is when Yuuka starts doing a boxer’s shuffle, fists up and ready – when in her circlet bout career did she ever practice this style of fighting? She went from using a single sword, to using two swords, to boxing. I guess she’s just naturally talented at all sorts of fighting styles.

It’s funny that Chikage’s outfit changes when she gets her own boxing gloves. To a red and black outfit, as if she’s some villain. But she isn’t really, she’s just the top dog in circlet bout. I guess she just naturally knows how to box as well?

Despite the crazy developments, this was a fun episode. To be honest, I just expect the circlet bout sport to be completely absurd, considering we’ve seen some crazy things, like a snowboard weapon. Maybe boxing isn’t even it’s final form? You know what, I bet we’re going to see a hadouken next episode. Wouldn’t that be a great finish to everything?

Circlet Princess Chikage Final.jpg

In Conclusion…

I guess we have some serious boxing to look forward to next episode.
I wonder what side characters will fight also. I’m sure they’ll have Nina fight because she didn’t fight this episode, and we have to see at least one more fight with the gunslinger before circlet bout completely changes into a virtual boxing sport.

And at that point, what’s the point in even watching it?
Why not just watch actual boxing?
Because of the hadoukens, which I’m sure we’ll see next episode!

Until then,
Thanks for reading!

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