Ikkitousen Episode 12 – Totaku’s Fall

Last episode, Hakufu and Ryomou had gone to visit Totaku as he had infected Hakufu’s body with some sort of energy / poison that only he can remove. He asked Hakufu to take down Ryofu for him.

Also, Saji knocked Koukin out when he was looking for Gakushu. With both Koukin and Gakushu captive, we found out that Saji has been the one issuing orders as Enjytsu, who we know is dead.

What could possibly happen next?

Ryofu Entrance.jpg


Totaku takes down both Hakufu and Ryomou, proving that neither of them can fight him. But then Ryofu shows up, intent on killing him. Hakufu steps up to fight her and inflicts some damage, but not enough. Ryofu pounces on Totaku and uses a suicidal attack, killing herself and inflicting lethal damage on Totaku. On his deathbed, Totaku reverses the poison in Hakufu’s body and tells her and Ryomou about Saji and his true identity, Ouin Shishi. He tells Hakufu that she has to defeat Ouin, as his dying wish. He then falls out of the greenhouse window to his death.

Hakufu and Ryomou go back to Hakufu’s home and rest. Afterwards, they find out that Koukin is still missing. Ryomou meets Saji in the Nanyo gymnasium, where he tells her about all of his plans, including the part where he has actually been issuing orders as Enjyutsu. He sends her a message telling her where she can find Koukin and Gakushu.

Ryomou and Hakufu arrive in some nearby forest to see Koukin and Gakushu tied up. Saji punches Hakufu before she realizes what is going on, knocking her out and causing her “dragon spirit” to awaken. In the meantime Ryomou takes down Kannei with ease. Saji manages to catch Hakufu up, and begins to try and convince her to join his side. But just as he does this, everyone realizes that Hakufu’s sacred bead isn’t it’s usual jade green colour, but a blood red – the colour of Totaku’s sacred bead.

Totaku’s spirit takes over Hakufu’s body and begins to strangle Saji…
The episode ends at this moment with a “to be continued” message.

Episode Thoughts

Well, it turns out that absolutely nothing has gone the way I expected it to. I guess we aren’t going to see anymore of Sousou / Caocao in this season. Totaku died, but is attempting to get revenge from the grave. It’s clear that while Totaku expected Ryofu to try and kill him, he didn’t expect her to willingly kill herself in the process. So while Ryofu fulfilled her destiny of killing Totaku, she also cut it short, because I believe her destiny would have had her kill Totaku and then take his position of power.

I’ll be honest, while Totaku was a villain for most of the season, it was satisfying to see him come back from the grave for Saji. In the end, I think Saji was the bigger villain for manipulating everyone behind the scenes and getting away with it. Whether or not Totaku will succeed in killing Saji is another matter though, because of the cliffhanger.

The one issue I had with this episode is that there were so many fights that all of them were really short. Most fights only consisted of a couple punches / kicks / grapples before they ended, and it felt like this was due to time constraints. From a story perspective so much happened though, so I guess it’s fair to sacrifice some action.

Hakufu Totaku.jpg

In Conclusion…

Next episode is the final episode of the season.

Will Totaku manage to exact revenge on Saji?
Or will Saji manage to escape?

Also, will Gakushu manage to be useful for once?

We’ll find out soon enough.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Ikkitousen Episode 12 – Totaku’s Fall

    1. Haha, it’s actually been a fun anime, especially after I did a little reading on the Three Kingdoms and found a list of who each character in Ikkitousen is, because I guess they use different names in Japan.

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