Clannad Episode 8 – Forgetting Fuko: The Episode

The tale of Ibuki Fuko continues…

Last episode we left off with the realization that people are starting to forget about Fuko. And this episode is essentially the results of that new development.

Clannad Sunset Fuko.jpg

Brief Synopsis

After finding out that students are starting to forget Fuko, it’s becoming harder for her to hand out starfish. Not only this, but many students don’t remember ever receiving a starfish. Despite this setback, Fuko continues to do her best in handing out starfish – but it’s clear that she’s upset about what is happening. Nagisa also has a hard time with it, once Okazaki tells her what’s going on.

Okazaki visits Sunohara, who tells him that he researched Fuko and found out she is in the hospital. He mentioned that he was going to visit her, and confirm that it’s actually her. Okazaki gets angry about this, because he knows that if Sunohara goes, he will forget about Fuko. And the next day, Sunohara arrives to school late, having forgotten Fuko.

The next day Fuko continues to try and hand out starfish. After school, Okazaki offers to buy Fuko an accessory to wear at her sister’s wedding, which is going to be held at the school soon. He ends up buying her a birthday party set. They spend some time at a park before heading back to the Furukawa residence. We then find out that Akio can’t see Fuko. And after that, Sanae comes out, and breaks down in tears because she also can’t see Fuko, although she remembers her.

The episode ends as Nagisa and Okazaki walk back to school with Fuko in the dark.

Clannad Sunset Tears.jpg

Episode Thoughts

Fuko’s tale is starting to get pretty sad, but I’m still going to hold onto hope for the best ending, where she wakes up from the hospital. After all, the Fuko we see now is a ghost of some sort, so while it’d be sad to see her go… she’s a ghost. I’d be more sad if something happened to Fuko in the hospital. That’ll be the key to this story.

While I like Fuko, I felt like not too much really happened this episode. It was basically “forgetting Fuko: the episode”. That’s going to be my post title actually. Sounds better than “Sunset Fuko”, which it was until now. Everyone is forgetting Fuko! And that’s the episode. I don’t mean to put a damper on Fuko, I love her and her Japanese VA, but her story is really starting to drag on now.

I’m really hoping next episode is the last one in the Fuko arc.
I’ve had so many episodes to prepare myself for all of the possible outcomes, that I’m just ready to see an outcome.

I also really want to see more of Tomoyo, who low-key has become my pick for Clannad best girl. I know, sorry Nagisa. I didn’t plan it or anything, it just happened…

Clannad Nagisa Tears.jpg

I’m sorry Nagisa!! I take it back, I didn’t mean it!

Favourite Moment

Akio Steps on a Knife

As the text suggests, Akio steps on a knife after some shenanigans involving a customer at the shop. Sometimes he gets a little too animated. And by stepping on a knife, he caused Sanae to fly into a panic and run for the first aid kit. Which then caused Akio to try and act cool about the whole situation, only to panic once she actually tried to treat his foot. They really are the perfect couple.

Clannad Sanae First Aid.jpg

Clannad Furukawas.jpg

In Conclusion…

This was a fine episode, but as I mentioned, I’m ready to see the Fuko arc wrap up. Either she’s going to make a recovery in the hospital, or she isn’t. And I’m sure it’ll all happen right around the wedding, either right before, during, or right after.

Really hoping this will all be next episode.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Clannad Episode 8 – Forgetting Fuko: The Episode

  1. An underlying theme I start to notice with Clannad, upon rewatch, is that it isn’t just about family. It’s also about loss. Like, every story from here on out involves the loss of something important, and I am really enjoying it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, for many years before this rewatch I associated all of the sad moments with After Story, and thought that Clannad was just a slice of life anime… I’m surprised at just how wrong I was.

      Liked by 1 person

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