Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 3) – She’s 300 Years Old, So It’s Okay Guys

We’re at episode 3 of Arifureta already!
I like where this anime is headed.
I see the light at the bottom of the abyss.

Arifureta Ep3 Teamwork.jpg

Brief Synopsis

It turns out that whatever attacked Hajime was some sort of stone scorpion guardian placed there to stop Yue from escaping. Yue drinks some of Hajime’s blood, and with her magic, they are able to defeat the scorpion together.

Afterwards, we learn that Yue is 300 years old, which means we can all stop holding our breath about her lack of clothing. She’s 300 years old, so it’s okay guys. I like that. That’s going to be my post title for this episode. Hajime also builds an anti-material rifle using materials from the now dead scorpion, which should come in handy later on.

Together they continue the descent into the abyss. Yue spends most of the time hitching a ride on Hajime’s giant backpack while he does all of the work. They come across various enemies, such as a large chested flower-lady that uses parasites to mind control people / monsters. Eventually, they reach the 100th floor from where Hajime first fell. And they come across a giant, fancy looking door.

Meanwhile, we see that Hajime’s classmates have been training up.

Arifureta Ep3 Yue Backpack.jpg

Episode Thoughts

I think this episode was pretty good. On par with last episode, at the very least. My one point of contempt would have to be the 3D animation which just doesn’t look that great. The stone scorpion looked like a total mess, and when you add the darkness into it, it actually took me a while to figure out what the hell I was even looking at. Like, take a look at this picture and see for yourself this monstrosity:

Arifureta Ep3 Scorpion.jpg

Later on, after the scorpion, we had the large-chested flower creature. I’ll be honest, if they just want to throw breasts on random monsters, I won’t complain. There’s arguments that could be made, but this is also a show that has a 300 year old loli vampire, so if anything we should just expect more of this stuff.

Arifureta Ep3 Flower Monster.jpg
She’s even got Mick Jagger’s mouth.

The rest of the episode was basically storytelling. Hajime telling his story to Yue, and a very short scene of his classmates showing they had levelled up. Nothing crazy, but nothing super special. There was this one scene where Yue broke down into tears from Hajime’s story, which I didn’t quite understand, because his story just doesn’t feel that sad to me. Maybe if we had seen more of Hajime prior to the betrayal it’d be a different story, but Yue’s tears didn’t feel merited to me.

Arifureta Ep3 Door.jpg

In Conclusion…

This was a good episode.
Once again it shows that Arifureta, despite it’s rocky start, is on the right track. Yue is now Hajime’s travel buddy, we got to see some fights, and Hajime has progressed further into the abyss. Next episode we’l get to see what’s behind that giant door, and finally we can all rest easy knowing that Yue is 300 years old.

Lots to look forward to.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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