Circlet Princess Episode 10 Review

Hello friends, and welcome back for another episode of Circlet Princess.

Two more episodes to go after this one, maybe I should just dedicate the next two Saturdays to it and finish it off so I can get a full series review out… I might just do that.

In the meantime, it seems Circlet Princess is setting up for the finale.

Circlet Princess Club.jpg


After recovering from her last defeat, Yuuka and the Circlet Bout club regather their efforts and prepare for their next match. Due to G-kun no longer talking to Yuuka, they decide to create a brand new weapon for her. In order to achieve this, Yuuka must undergo physical training so that Ayumu can register her movements and whatnot. The other girls do their best to raise funds in order to pay for the new weapon, because even though it’s a virtual weapon, and they’re developing it themselves, it still costs money.

They then proceed in the tournament through the losers’ bracket, winning their next match. This pits them against a school that defeated them before, but the name of the school escapes me. It’s the one from a few episodes ago that beat Yuuka and broke her weapon, causing her to run away. Using her new weapon, a short sword, Yuuka fights the opposing school’s captain, the girl with the big fist weapon. Partway through the fight, Yuuka’s weapon is destroyed, and in it’s place, she summons TWO swords.

With her new dual wield capabilities, Yuuka proceeds to defeat her opponent, who at some point also started dual wielding her giant fist weapons. So I guess everyone is just dual wielding these days!

Circlet Princess Nina.jpg

Episode Thoughts

I’d say this episode was alright. A bit cliche, it was sort of like the training montage and overcoming the past in a single episode. If anything it’s just shown how nonsensical the circlet bout sport is, with fighters just summoning new weapons at a whim. I thought these virtual weapons were expensive?

And the dual wielding.. what’s up with that? Yuuka exclusively, for her entire circlet bout career, uses one weapon. And after some exercise and training, she’s all of the sudden a dual wielding master. I know, I know, I shouldn’t get surprised by this stuff. But it just makes no damn sense!

I guess the biggest downside with this episode was just that it was completely obvious that Yuuka was going to win. The only real mystery left in this anime is how it’s going to wrap up. Also, Yuuka and friends are in the losers’ bracket, which technically means they need to win against Chikage’s school twice in a row to win the tournament. I have two predictions for this – first is that the anime creators forgot about this and Union Academy wins the tournament after beating Chikage’s school once, and second is that Union takes the first match, but loses the second.

Circlet Princess Training.jpg

Other Thoughts

First off, at the very beginning we got to see the ending of a fight with Nina that I didn’t include in the synopsis because it didn’t seem very important. All I wanted to bring up from this fight was that she was unable to defeat her opponent with her gun, and so this girl pulls out a virtual grenade to toss out and completely destroy her opponent. There really are no rules in this game are there? I’m not really understanding why anyone uses melee weapons at all when we’ve seen so many powerful ranged weapons, and even explosives. At this point I’m expecting someone to lay mines on the battlefield or call in an airstrike during a match.

That’d actually be a great way to cap off the series. Yuuka gets into her final match with Chikage, new dual wielded weapons in hand, and then Chikage calls in an airstrike on Yuuka’s location, vaporizing her. Or maybe they fight for a bit, and then their weapons transform into giant robots? Wouldn’t that be awesome? At the very least it’d be nice to see one of the two sprout two virtual arms from their back, and fight General Grevious style with four swords. That’s probably not against the rules either, because I don’t even think there are any rules.

Circlet Princess Dual Wield.jpg

In Conclusion…

This episode was just the natural progression you’d expect from the anime at this point. Yuuka has her new weapon, her new ace in the hole, and is now ready to take on Chikage, the one she’s been wanting to fight all this time. It’s looking like the final fight will be two episodes long too, which means they can pull out all the stops – transforming weapons, quadruple wield, explosions, robots, and whatever else they can come up with.

We have already seen a snowboard as a weapon, don’t forget.
Anything is possible here.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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