Ikkitousen Episode 11 – Desperate Times

When we last left off in Ikkitousen, Hakufu had visited the pool with Koukin. There she encountered Totaku, who gave her some watermelon, before leaving. Ukitsu, the one destined to kill Hakufu, then arrived and confronted Hakufu.

Hakufu Ryoumou.jpg

Brief Synopsis

Ukitsu begins with an attack on Hakufu, but Koukin can’t help himself and steps in to block the attack. Just then, they both notice that Hakufu is completely spaced out – she then collapses. Ukitsu points out that someone who is highly skilled must have used a technique on her. As Ukitsu was there to fight Hakufu in an attempt to awaken her inner dragon, she had no reason to fight Hakufu while she is down. And so Ukitsu leaves, warning that she won’t let her trip be in vain.

At home Hakufu’s mother manages to wake her up by shouting that she wouldn’t be getting any dinner if she continued to sleep. The next day Hakufu stays home from school, and we see a large bruise forming on her back. Her mother calls Master Choko (the old man from a few episodes back) and finds out that Hakufu will die within three days, unless the person who used the technique reverses it. Having no choice, Hakufu proceeds to head to Rakuyo Academy, accompanied by Ryomou. She meets with Totaku, who tells her that he wants her to kill a certain woman… (Ryofu / Lu Bu).

Meanwhile at school, Ryomou had tried to contact Gakushu about what had been happening, but was unable to get a response. Koukin begins looking for him, and runs into Saji. Saji then takes Koukin to see Enjyutsu. Once they enter the dark room where Enjyutsu’s corpse is, Kannei knocks Koukin out. Tied up next to Gakushu, we find out that Saji has been the one pulling the strings, pretending to be Enjyutsu and convincing Kannei that Enjyutsu was still alive. He also reveals his true identity – Ouin Shishi. The man who manipulated Lu Bu into killing Dong Zhuo in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Hakufu Hakkei.jpg

Episode Thoughts

I’ll be honest here, a few episodes ago after Nanyo lost in the Big Fighters Tournament, I was sure that the story would shift to Sousou (Cao Cao) and his school attacking Rakuyo, with the climax being Ryofu (Lu Bu) killing Totaku (Dong Zhuo). Instead the anime has managed to exceed even my expectations by setting up a situation where I really don’t know what’s going to happen.

Hakufu never accepted Totaku’s request to kill Ryofu, but she’s not really in a position to refuse. So now a wrench has been thrown into the mix, with Hakufu (Sun Ce) possibly going after Ryofu (Lu Bu). But we need Ryofu (Lu Bu) to kill Totaku (Dong Zhuo). In addition, I can guarantee that Sousou (Cao Cao) is planning to attack Rakuyo at some point. In other words, we’ve got a real mess ahead of us.

Hakufu Bruise

And that doesn’t even include Koukin and Gakushu who are currently tied up by Saji / Ouin Shishi and Kannei at Nanyo… although to be honest, Koukin and Gakushu aren’t really big names in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms anyways… (and Gakushu is useless, let’s be honest here. I’ve been rooting for him, but he just hasn’t managed to do anything useful yet.).

Ouin Shishi has already played his part too, and planted the seed in Ryofu’s mind. She’s already determined to kill Totaku. So I’m not sure he really is of much importance either… for now. Saji / Ouin Shishi still has one other role to fulfill – contributing to the death of Cao Cao. And we really haven’t seen much of Sousou (Cao Cao) yet.

Ouin Shishi.jpg

In Conclusion…

That’s enough names thrown around for this post.
Long story short, Ikkitousen is really building up towards a climax. I’m expecting a war between schools, and the death of Totaku someway or another. I’m not entirely sure what’ll happen with everyone else though.

You’d think knowing the Romance of the Three Kingdoms would help, but the current situation makes things a little uncertain! We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Totaku Watermelon.jpg

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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