Clannad Episode 7 – Fleeting Memories

Continuing where we left off last episode, Ibuki-sensei has just met up with Nagisa and Okazaki at the Founder’s Festival.

But she can’t see Fuko, who is standing right in front of her.

Clannad Ep7 Meeting.jpg


Okazaki and Nagisa are a little shocked at first, but manage to pull themselves together. They tell Ibuki-sensei that she should go ahead and marry her boyfriend (THE Yoshino Yusuke) because that’s what they think Fuko would want. Fuko would be sad if she woke up and found out her older sister had not gotten married because of her. Ibuki-sensei agrees.

The next day, after school, Nagisa and Okazaki visit Ibuki-sensei and ask her about the marriage and Fuko. We find out that all of the nearby ceremony halls are booked for weddings, but Ibuki-sensei mentions that she always wanted to get married at the school she taught at. Ibuki-sensei then tells the two about Fuko, and how she had trouble making friends. But on her first day of highschool, she promised to try and make friends, and then was hit by a car that afternoon.

A strategy session is held the next day in order to make get Fuko’s message out more effecively. In the end nothing is really decided. Nagisa and Fuko get into a little argument over whether starfish or the Big Dango Family is cutest. Afterwards, Okazaki and Nagisa visit the counselling office to ask a teacher, Koumara, if he could look into having Ibuki-sensei have her wedding at the school. He promises to talk to the vice-principal and principal about it.

After the meeting, the two visit Ibuki-sensei once again to tell her about their meeting with Koumara. Ibuki-sensei tells them that Fuko’s condition has taken a turn for the worse, and that she probably won’t ever wake up.

Okazaki visits Sunohara, and finds out that students are starting to forget about Fuko, or even how they obtained a wood starfish.

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Episode Thoughts

Uh oh, what’s starting to happen here?

It’s not looking good so far, but I’ll keep my hopes up. The happy ending is still definitely possible, with Ibuki-sensei having a beautiful wedding at the school, triggering everyone’s memories of Fuko to return and bringing Ibuki-sensei to tears when she finds out that all of the students knew Fuko. After all, Fuko promised to try her best and make friends at school.

Clannad Ep7 Okazaki.jpg

As for Fuko herself, I wonder what would happen afterwards. The sad variant of the happy ending would result in Fuko dying, now that her ghost’s purpose has been completed. And of course the happy variant would be that after the wedding Fuko wakes up.

I have no idea which it’ll be right now, but I think that Fuko’s condition worsened specifically because she has taken more steps to accomplish her goal of making friends and making her sister happy. Which could mean that it’s only going to get worse and worse as things progress. And there’s already been so much progress over these last 4 episodes, so I’d have to imagine the Fuko arc is drawing to a close very soon.

Clannad Ep7 Nagisa Tears.jpg

Sad moments aside, there were some more fun and comedic moments in this episode!

Fun Moments

Present for Botan

Clannad Ep7 Fuko Botan.jpg

Present for Kotomi

Clannad Ep7 Kotomi.jpg

Starfish vs. Big Dango Family

Clannad Ep7 Cute Argument.jpg

Sunohara Bash

Clannad Ep7 Sunohara Bash.jpg

Fuko Master

Clannad Ep7 Fuko Master.jpg

In Conclusion…

Well, it looks like there are some rough waters on the horizon.
I’m going to keep hoping for the double happy ending, because I’d love to see Fuko join Nagisa’s theatre club, whenever they get to creating that. But I also don’t remember what happens with Fuko whatsoever, so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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