Date A Live Episode 12

And just like that, we’re already at the Date A Live Season 1 finale.
It’s been fun, and I’m so thankful that there are still two seasons to go!

Kotori Flame Spirit.jpg
Date A Live – Fiery Temper Edition

Brief Synopsis

Shido continues his date with Kotori at the amusement park. They go on several rides and seem to have a good time.

We then see that the experimental AST suit has been stolen!
Who could have seen this coming?!

Just as Shido is about to ask Kotori something important about 5 years ago, a missile strikes the side of the bench where Kotori was sitting. We then see Origami… in the experiemental AST suit! What! Anyways, it turns out Kotori survived, and she’s pissed. Kotori activates flame mode and begins to fight Origami, who is basically destroying the entire amusement park with all of her missiles and other weapons spraying everywhere.

Tohka and Yoshino hear the commotion, and Tohka makes the decision to do what she can to help, even if she doesn’t have all of her spiritual power.  Meanwhile, Kotori is losing control to the flame spirit, and trouncing Origami. Kotori brings Origami down to the ground, and begins to charge up a flame attack to finish Origami off. But then, Origami says something to Kotori regarding Ifrit (the flame spirit), and in Kotori’s confusion, manages to imprison her in some sort of energy.

Origami then flies into the sky and begins charging up her weapons. This is Shido’s time to shine, and so he does what he does best – jumps in the line of fire. Just as Origami is about to fire, Tohka and Yoshino show up to stop her. While they’re busy, Shido goes to Kotori, and seals her powers. He then does what he does best for a second time, and puts his life on the line to Origami, telling her that she should kill him now that Ifrit’s powers have been sealed by him. Origami falters, and then collapses due to the strain the experimental AST suit put on her body.

Kotori has been saved.

The episode ends with a scene between Shido and Tohka, where they are about to kiss, but are interrupted twice by Ratatoskr and Yoshino. A classic harem ending.

Tohka Yoshino.jpg

Episode Thoughts

Well, we also got to see Kurumi Tokisaki briefly at the end there, I think on the school rooftop? She must really like that rooftop. So that hints at more Tokisaki in the future, which would be excellent.

As for the plot itself, I’m not entirely certain what transpired in that fiery event 5 years go. From the flashbacks we see, it’s clear that Kotori gained the fire powers and used them to save Shido’s life by healing him. So I guess Ifrit existed separately, started all the fires, and then somehow became part of Kotori? Maybe I’m missing something here.

There was some good action in this episode, although I thought it was pretty crazy for Origami to just be OK with destroying the amusement park in order to get her revenge. I’m pretty sure the AST is pretty strict about not hurting civilians, based on previous episodes. Which means Origami went overboard here. We saw her restrained near the end, so I imagine a punishment is in order for Origami.

Origami AST.jpg

Oh, and I thought it was funny how they ended the anime on a romantic scene between Shido and Tohka. It almost felt like they’d recognized that Tohka hasn’t really played an active role since her powers were sealed, and so they wanted to end the anime with her. While I don’t remember much from the second season, if I remember correctly, Tohka becomes more active there..

Finally, there have been no panty shots since episode 2, and just as Dewbond mentioned, Mana hasn’t made a single appearance since several episodes ago with the Kurumi fight. There’s still a few seasons to go, but I guess Mana is pretty much finished, which is fine by me.

Favourite Moment

While a lot happened this episode, and almost everything has been wrapped up, I’ve just got to give my favourite moment to the Vice-Captain again. He’s really been pulling his weight lately.

While Shido was on his date with Kotori, there were various moments where Vice-Captain, who I’ve found out is named Kannazuki, fantasizes about Kotori being violent with Shido…

First in the haunted house, Shido convinces Kotori to hold his hand. Kannazuki mentions that Shido should have embraced her, in order to enjoy her soft body, before getting a boot in the face.

Second was when they were in a go-cart. Kannazuki questions why they are riding together, when Shido could be running in front of Kotori as she attempts to run him over. “If you fall down, the unforgiving bumper will run you over!” is how he puts it.

Go Cart.jpg

I’m really hoping for some great Kannazuki moments in the next season!

In Conclusion…

I think I’ll write a review for each season separately, because I have no idea what to expect with the next two seasons and sometimes anime can change quite a bit between seasons and develop personalities of their own.

So you can expect a Date A Live S1 review soon!

Kurumi Tokisaki Sunset.jpg

And with that, onto the next season!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “Date A Live Episode 12

  1. WeeaBroDerek

    I’ll be interested to read your opinion of the season as a whole.

    Is the third season actually out yet? I remember when announced it a while back, but I never followed up/looked into it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Derek, hope all is well with you!

      Yeah third season came out.. last year I think? It’s the reason I’m rewatching the entire series. Although at this point I don’t remember anything abut the second season, let alone the new one.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. darkdaemonpk2

    Graphically good but mediocre plot. The only character that I find interesting is Origami since she has a motive why she wants to wipe out those spirits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a fun series that doesn’t try to be too serious. Origami felt almost 2 dimensional though when it came to her motive, but I do like her character.


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