Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 24 (#20)

Another Haruhi post on the Umai Yomu Anime Blog?

Of course!
After all, it’s summer in the Haruhi worl-

Summer’s over? Oh no!
But I was having so much fun writing about all of the fun, unique summertime memories being made by the SOS Brigade!

What ever will I do now that summer is over?
How could I possible enjoy moving forward after 8 episodes of summertime fun?

Haruhi Close.jpg
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Summer Is Over!! Edition


It’s no longer summertime in the Haruhi world.

Instead, it’s already time for the sports festival! The episode opens up with the SOS Brigade wearing some ridiculous “SOS Brigade” banners on their backs while participating in the sports festival. Thanks to Yuki, they win what appears to be a club based event. So Yuki won’t interfere with an infinite summertime loop, but she has no problem using her powers to win a track-and-field event..

And then after the sports festival, it’s already time for the cultural festival! So soon! Is the sports festival normally so close to the cultural festival? Anyways, the various classes plan what they are going to do for the festival. Haruhi / Kyon’s class, which still hasn’t replaced Ryouko after she “mysteriously disappeared” in Episode 10. And so, without a class rep, their class decides to do a.. survey. For the cultural festival. Is that even allowed? I thought the “bare minimum” was some half-assed cafe.

Naturally, Haruhi doesn’t care, because she has some grand plans for the SOS Brigade in regards to the upcoming festival! After gathering the troops, she reveals that the SOS Brigade is going to create a movie! Haruhi is in charge of directing, producing, etc. etc. so we don’t actually know what kind of movie it will be just yet. Kyon and Asahina help her procure the needed equipment, with Haruhi somehow talking shop owners into donating to her cause.

Haruhi Banner.jpg

Episode Thoughts

I’ll be honest with you all, seeing the sports festival at the beginning of this episode, was a real sight for sore eyes. I was at my wits end with those summertime posts. I actually wrote them all in one sitting, if you can believe it. Although that was probably pretty clear by the decreasing post quality the further in I got. I can definitely see why the Endless Eight ruins Haruhi S2 for people – part of me was real reluctant to watch another episode of Haruhi. But once I saw some fresh content, I was able to keep going.

Haruhi Smile.jpg

Man, I got a good laugh out of Kyon’s class’ choice of doing a survey for the festival. It’s so pathetic it’s hilarious. Are they doing the survey prior to the festival, and then just pinning the results to the classroom door for the festival? Or are they actually going to walk around and ask people questions on the day of the festival?

I’ve never seen a “survey” class in a cultural festival in anime, so I’m genuinely curious as to how they’re going to handle it. Part of me is hoping for the first option, where they just pin the results to the classroom door and call it a day. Seems like if they’re going to choose something so low effort, might as well go all the way! I wonder what kind of questions they’re going to ask? Then again, it makes most sense that they’d ask people ABOUT the festival DURING the festival, like their favourite attraction, enjoyment, etc.

That’s probably what the survey will be.

Survey aside, there was also a funny scene with Yuki where she takes an eternity to respond to a question with a single word before going back to reading her book. Words don’t do it justice unfortunately, but it was a funny scene.


The only real questions now are – what did Haruhi say to get shops to donate equipment to her for the movie, and what kind of movie will they end up making? I don’t remember any of this!

In Conclusion…

Summertime is over in the Haruhi world, did you know?

Haruhi Grin.jpg

Finally we’ve got some new content. And as a result, this may end up being one of my favourite episodes from Haruhi. It felt so refreshing, like how I felt when I started this whole re-watch! Plus there were some funny moments too.

Really looking forward to finding more about the class’ survey.
They had better show more of it!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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