Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 20 (#16)

It’s time for more Haruhi!

And boy, what a treat this week’s episode was!

Turns out, it’s SUMMERTIME in the Haruhi world!
You know what that means, right?

I’m sure you can’t wait to find out!

Haruhi Summer.jpg
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Hands Up Edition

Super-Duper Synopsis

Haruhi and the gang go to the pool, a festival, fireworks, bug catching, a part-time job, stargazing, a batting cage, the movies, a test of courage, karaoke, a goby fishing tournament, and more!

All in a single episode.

Haruhi Festival.jpg

Thoughts on the Episode

You know what would be amazing here?
My thoughts on the episode.

Let’s deviate from the usual formula, so that I can provide an amazing and original commentary on this episode. Perhaps this will help provide a new perspective to the episode for you all, something I’m sure you’ll all love.

The thing about this episode is that we got a lot of content related to the summertime. Have any of you ever experienced summer before? Me too. Summer is great, isn’t it? It’s a great time to do summer things. Anyone else looking forward to summer?

Haruhi Job.jpg

Yuki Caught A Bug

Did you all see that bug Yuki caught?
I don’t even know what it was, some sort of bug though.
Maybe it’s a bug that’s native to Japan?

Haruhi Yuki Bug.jpg

Time Travel

This episode tried to go into time travel, but I didn’t really understand it.
Maybe someone can fill me in? What’s the deal with Itsuki trying to make everything about time travel and time machines? How do you even build a time machine? The phone microwave doesn’t exist in this universe, right? Someone call Rentaro!

Haruhi Exit.jpg

In Conclusion…

It’s about time I’ve wrapped up this post.
Another quality episode of Haruhi Suzumiya Vs. The World!

Maybe next episode we’ll find out what’s going on with that time machine Itsuki mentioned?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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