Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 19 (#15)

And just like that, it seems that summer has arrived in the Haruhi universe.
You know what that means?

Let me lay it out for you.

Festivals, fireworks, pool, bowling, fishing, bug catching, working… you get the idea yet?
Summer is the time to make MEMORIES!

So let’s see what memories our beloved cast made this summer!
I bet you’re all so excited for this.

Kyon Tired.jpg
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Bikes Edition

Super Super Brief Synopsis

Pool, festival, fireworks, bug catching, part-time job, stargazing, batting cage, fishing tournament, test of courage, bowling, karaoke.

Also some nonsense about time looping or something, I was too engrossed in the summer activities to pay that any attention though, Just Itzuki being melodramatic as usual.

Kyon Phone.jpg

Summer Fun

Why go over my favourite moments when I can just talk about the amazing and fun activities the SOS Brigade were up to this summer?

Pool, festival, fireworks, bug catching, part-time job, stargazing, batting cage, and more!

Amazing right?

I bet none of you have ever done so much in a single summer.
Myself included in that.


My most active summer was one summer when I was in highschool where my closest friend’s family temporarily moved into a house that was maybe a 10-min bike ride away from mine, and they had a pool there too. So I was basically there, at his uncles house, playing Rock Band in their garage and swimming in their pool almost everyday. That and we would bike around town all day long. Lots of biking. And I did have a part-time job all through highschool, so I got to experience that too. As well as some full-time stints to cover for the full-timers in the summertime.

No festival or fireworks or stargazing (can’t see stars thanks to the light pollution). I really missed out on a quality summer I guess. Although I did go on night walks one summer with a girlfriend, no stars though unfortunately. Would have to get pretty far out of town to see stars. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a fireworks show, and I LOVE fireworks. One of these days.

Yuki Bug.jpg
Something something Yuki caught a bug. Good on you, Yuki!

My latest obsession has actually been gardening and learning about gardening. I recently read some content on permaculture and now I’ve become super interested. I’ve always wanted to get my own chickens, and now I dream of taking a backyard and just transforming the entire thing into a garden. I’ll never be able to afford a house, but I can still dream right? It seems like a very satisfying thing to do and build. A garden of my own! What could be better?

Anyways, the SOS Brigade had their summer, and I had my chances in highschool too I guess. Too bad I never watched anime back then, so I never realized what I was missing! Instead I spent too many nights up until sunrise playing Left 4 Dead 2 with friends, which was also nice to be honest.

Yuki Nagato Mask.jpg


Is it just me or does Itsuki always try to act cooler than he is?

This time he was spouting some drivel about time travel or time loops or time machines or something to do with time. It’s not enough that he gets to experience the summer of a lifetime, he has to try and score some authority points with the SOS Brigade (minus Haruhi) too? Maybe if everyone believes him he can go to sleep at night thinking he is better than he is. I’m not jumping on that bandwagon though.

Itsuki could learn a thing or two from Yuki, honestly.

Part Time Job.jpg

In Conclusion…

What an amazing episode, right?!

So many fun summer activities. Itsuki put a little bit of a damper on everything, but if we put him aside I have to say kudos to the SOS Brigade for going through with it all, and to Haruhi for making it happen. Sometimes its nice to just let someone else manage the schedule, to just show up and experience it all. And Haruhi seems to have no issue in organizing everything.

Thanks Haruhi for showing me what summer truly can be!

Haruhi Exit.jpg

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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