Arifureta Episode 1 – From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (In A Single Episode)

Well here we are with a Summer 2019 title on the Umai Yomu Anime Blog.
Looks like I chose a real thriller too.

I’ll get into all of that in a bit, first, the synopsis.

Arifureta Ep1 Bridge.jpg

Brief Synopsis

Our protagonist, Nagumo, was on an expedition in a labyrinth with a bunch of other adventurers when a magical trap was triggered that teleported them onto a bridge somewhere within the labyrinth. A dangerous creature threatened to kill them all, and Nagumo using his transmutation magic (creating rocks) was able to hold the creature back while everyone retreated. They then provided covering fire for him using spells, but someone shot AT him instead of the creature, allowing the creature to catch up to him and impale the bridge, causing him to fall deep within the labyrinth.

Nagumo then finds some threatening monsters and loses his arm. But then he finds a spring of holy water that can heal all injuries. He eats monster meat, which causes his body to go into shock, but the holy water heals him afterwards. And then just like that Nagumo has obtained the ability to eat monsters and absorb their abilities / strength, causing him to level up when he eats a new monster. He then uses his transmutation ability to create a gun.

Basically, this is From Commonplace to World’s Strongest, in a single episode.

Arifureta Ep1 Nagumo.jpg

Episode Thoughts

Man, there were so many issues here.

My biggest issue is that I thought this anime would be about an average guy becoming the world’s strongest, but now that that’s already happened, why do we even need another 12 episodes? Is progression just not a thing anymore? Does an anime have to be a shounen for us to get some progression?

Here I was looking forward to watching a good fantasy anime following a guy as he starts out weak, and becomes stronger and stronger as the show progresses. So all I can say is that the title is incredibly misleading. 

Instead of a story of growth, it’s actually a story of revenge. Which, to be honest, I’m perfectly OK with. But I’m still irritated with the anime’s title and how it just manufactured Nagumo to be overpowered from the first episode. I like overpowered main characters, and I think that Nagumo is a cool character, but… well I don’t know. I guess this anime is going to be the edgy version of that slime anime at this rate, considering he has the exact same ability as the slime did. He even has his own stockpile of healing water, just like the slime had healing potions.

The good news though is that I like edgy content, so I think I’ll end up really liking this anime, even if not for the reasons I had expected going in.

Arifureta Ep1 Status.jpg


Well, apparently Arifureta is an isekai anime.

And the only sign of this that I saw was a three second scene of Nagumo’s class.
“I was brought here in some crazy turn of events…”.

Not really doing the genre any favours there, considering one of the biggest criticisms of isekai is that no attention is ever spent on the character’s lives prior to being transported to the new world. That and often there was no real purpose in making the anime an isekai as opposed to just a fantasy anime from the start.

My biggest worry here is that we’re going to be bombarded with flashbacks in future episodes showing us Nagumo’s previous life, when at this point, I’m not sure it really matters. He’s overpowered and edgy now, what good will flashbacks really do at this point? I have a feeling that we are in for a lot of flashbacks that build up who the culprit is, the one who shot at him on the bridge. I really dislike flashbacks, so all I can hope is that there aren’t too many.

Arifureta Ep1 Class.jpg

Dark Enough?

Apparently I should have waited until it was dark out to watch this one. I had my screen brightness turned up, and face inches from the screen trying to make things out. I know they are trying to make the area Nagumo is in feel dark and dangerous, but, what’s the point if the viewers can’t even see what’s happening?

Hopefully things brighten up in future episodes I guess.
And I’ll watch this show in the dark going forward.

In Conclusion…

While I don’t like the big switcharoo this anime pulled, by making the protagonist overpowered in the first episode and turning the anime into this sort of mystery / revenge story, I can get behind what this anime is shaping up to be. I like edgy, overpowered characters.

My biggest hopes though are that we aren’t drowned in flashbacks and that the episodes brighten up going forward.

I think this is going to be a very good anime, but it really couldn’t have started out on a worse note. Maybe there is more to it than what we’ve seen so far though, that actually will focus on the “commonplace” aspect… but that would just mean more flashbacks too… I really hope this entire anime isn’t just flashbacks.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Arifureta Episode 1 – From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (In A Single Episode)

  1. There’s going to be so many flashbacks that we’ll start getting flashbacks of flashbacks just so we don’t forget, but it will all be really dark so you won’t know what’s going on anyhow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was so disappointed by this episode. They skipped nearly 100 pages of set up content from the first book which means we are either going to go through copious flash backs to get it to make sense or we’re just never going to get the context. Not to mention, the character transformation lacks any impact when you have nothing to compare it to. This is an absolute disappointment in how they have adapted the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, 100 pages huh.
      Well, at this point I’d rather just move on than have an extremely convoluted story where we can’t tell whats real and whats a flashback, but I have a feeling that’s exactly where we are headed then.

      I just hate when studios try to get all artistic with flashbacks and whatnot…

      Liked by 1 person

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