Circlet Princess Episode 9 Review

Maybe I should speed up my Circlet Princess reviews.
But then I have so many other reviews I want to post on Saturdays,  so maybe not…

Either way we’ll eventually get through this anime!

Sasaki Yuuka.jpg


After her loss last episode, and the disappearance of G-kun (the voice in her circlet), Yuuka ran home. Well, the rest of the club can’t have that happening, so they go after Yuuka. They find her at her hometown, and explain to her that the tournament isn’t over – it’s a double elimination format, which means they can still win through the loser’s bracket.

We also get some flashbacks and information about the creation of Circlet Bout by Ayumu’s father, and how Chikage was trained to be an unrivaled player in order to help the sport gain popularity. But then Ayumu’s father left the team that was working on it and disappeared. Ayumu says that he must have returned in order to give Yuuka her circlet, as well as a scholarship to Union.

While she doesn’t know what he’s up to, Ayumu thinks that he has some sort of plans for Yuuka.

Yuuka Confront.jpg

Episode Thoughts

It’s looking more and more like I was right about G-kun just being Ayumu’s father speaking to Yuuka, and not actually an AI voice. It would explain why the voice just stopped speaking, because something probably happened on his end that has prevented him from talking to Yuuka. Or maybe he is purposely leaving her alone to figure things out for herself.

We also got to see a training program that Yuuka used to improve her abilities. Apparently it’s one of a kind. Which seems a bit odd to me, because you’d think with Circlet Bout being so popular and the technology being out there, there would be more PvE / singleplayer type games designed for the system. I know I’d play something like that in a heartbeat, the possibilities are really endless. You could even drop the melee aspect and create some full on war simulations too. Or you could use the technology for other sports, even.

Yuuka Training.jpg
How about.. Circlet Skyrim?

Anyways, this episode was essentially the “pick Yuuka back up” episode. It didn’t take very long though, the moment she found out they weren’t out of the tournament yet her spirits picked back up. Glad to see that the tournament has a loser’s bracket, because a tournament is inherently flawed if it doesn’t have that, with the possibility of the two best contestants facing each other early on and so one of them finishes worse than 2nd place, when they would have made it to the finals in a double-elimination format. That’s one of my gripes with ASL / KSL (Korean Starcraft Broodwar Tournaments) – often the best matches to watch aren’t even the finals, because the best players will end up eliminating each other in the round of 16 / round of 8.


In Conclusion…

While it was neat to see the training program Yuuka uses, this episode was pretty much devoid of action, and even fan service. It’s fair considering last episode had a lot of good action I guess.

This episode wasn’t super enjoyable, but it managed to move the plot forward with Ayumu’s dad and the mystery behind him. It’s looking like we’ll see another tournament match next episode too, which should be good.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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