Ikkitousen Episode 10 – Fighting Fate

It’s a hot summer day, and Hakufu doesn’t feel like doing anything.
That is, until her mom gives her two tickets to the pool!

And so Koukin and Hakufu embark on a pool adventure.

Totaku Watermelon.jpg

Brief Synopsis

Hakufu and Koukin go to the pool. While there, Hakufu gets hungry so Koukin goes to get some food. While she is waiting, Totaku arrives and gifts her a watermelon. It’s not apparent what he was after, but he displays some skill in cutting the watermelon as well as the table. On his way out, he touches Hakufu’s shoulder, which causes a bruise to form.

Ryofu’s friend attempts to steal the gyokuji, but gets caught by none other than.. Kannei?! She gets beaten up and abused. Ryofu shows up later and defeats Kannei + thugs, but it was a little too late unfortunately.

In the meantime, a girl that we had seen earlier makes another appearance. Her name is Ukitsu, the one fated to kill Sonsaku Hakufu. And she’s arrived to fight Hakufu.


Episode Thoughts

It didn’t feel like very much happened this episode, but there were some interesting developments.

First is Totaku’s visit. It almost seems like anything he touches gets cut / damaged.. maybe this is why he is always covered in bandages?

Next is Kannei’s apperance as someone who works for Totaku. What’s the deal with this guy? I thought he was a giggling, weapon licking maniac who was taking orders from a corpse, but it’s looking like he has changed a bit since we last saw him. Maybe it WAS Totaku who took out Gakushu when he was investigating and found Enjytsu’s corpse. And maybe Kannei has come to his senses, at least a little.

Finally, Ukitsu was sent by the master from last episode to awaken the dragon within Hakufu. And she won’t be pulling any punches, considering she is the one who historically killed Hakufu.. or I should say she represents Yu Ji, who is the one that defeated Sun Ce.

Dragon Fight.jpg

In Conclusion…

For some reason it just didn’t feel like all that much happened, despite the story developments. It’s looking like we’ll be getting some bigger fights next episode, or at least one fight with Hakufu vs. Ukitsu.

There are only three more episodes after this, so I’m beginning to wonder how the anime will wrap everything up. Or maybe it won’t, considering there are… 5? more seasons after this one.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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