Clannad Episode 6 – Founder’s Festival

We’re continuing on with the Ibuki Fuko storyline.
Worry not, no tissues needed yet.
But it’s feeling like something is going to happen soon…

Clannad Festival.jpg


We open to the discovery that Sanae has baked up a storm of new starfish-shaped bread. Okazaki doesn’t seem thrilled about it, and Akio wasn’t either apparently, as he had run out on Sanae earlier. Okazaki goes to school with Fuko and Nagisa, and Fuko continues to give out her starfish presents to students. This is when three male students run up to Fuko (hiding behind Okazaki) saying they want to create a Fuko-chan Fan Club. Fuko refuses, but they say that they’re going to do it anyways and try to earn her trust.

Later on, Okazaki is discussing a plan of attack for Fuko to distribute her starfish at the upcoming school Founder’s Festival. Sunohara walks in and volunteers to help, but Fuko refuses. So he challenges her to a wood carving contest, but ends up losing due to disqualification after accidentally cutting himself.

After school Okazaki and Nagisa decide to go and invite Ibuki-sensei to the festival. On their way they run into THE Yoshino Yusuke, and after talking to him, he agrees that it would be a good idea. They meet with Ibuki-sensei and invite her, and she eventually agrees. Nagisa ends up bawling her eyes out after hearing that Ibuki-sensei had made a promise to go to the festival with Fuko.

The next day is the Founder’s Festival, and the school is full of activity. Ryou and Kyou get Fuko dressed in a maid outfit so that she can give out starfish in their maid cafe. Fuko ends up going all over, giving starfish out to people. During the festival we see the Fuko-chan Fan Club selling starfish themed goods and Tomoyo in a bear costume, patrolling the school.

Eventually, Nagisa, Okazaki, and Fuko all are at the school entrance when Ibuki-sensei arrives. And this is when we find out that Ibuki-sensei in fact cannot see or hear Fuko, with Fuko standing right in front of her.

Fujibayashi Twins Maid Outfit.jpg

Fun Moments

Fuko Barrier

Due to Sanae filling the Furukawa Bakery with starfish-shaped bread, a Fuko barrier was created, sealing her inside the bakery. This is because whenever Fuko sees a lot of starfish together, she goes into a trance-like state. And in this situation, whenever she gets out of that state, she will see all of the starfish in the bakery again, and go right back into the trance. An infinite loop.

Ibuki Fuko Spacing Out.jpg

Fuko’s Aggressive Sales Tactics

Normally, when giving out starfish, Fuko is pretty timid – asking people in a more polite manner to accept the starfish. But at the festival, Fuko went all out in the maid cafe, just thrusting the starfish into people’s faces. Made for some funny scenes.

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Episode Thoughts

Oh man, Fuko is just too cute.

It’s sad that Ibuki-sensei can’t see her, but I also expected this. Now I’m worried about what’s going to happen to Fuko. Technically we still don’t know the exact nature of Fuko, whether she exists or not… I think she is actually in the hospital though, and the Fuko we are seeing is some sort of manifestation of her gratitude and love for her older sister. All we can really do is hope she gets better, right?

Please everyone, send Ibuki Fuko your prayers and goodwill.
It’s not too late, we can still see her reunite with her older sister!

The scene of Fuko as they see Ibuki-sensei arriving was pretty powerful. Focused on Fuko and you can just feel something from Fuko, like a mix of awe and sadness. Happy to see her sister, but sad that her sister can’t see her in return. The music gets pretty tense at this moment too. Amazing scene.

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In Conclusion…

It’s a blessing and a curse to not remember any of this, to have to go through these moments again and not know what happens. But it’s the sad moments that also make Clannad such an amazing and impactful anime, so I’m glad this is the case, even if I have to re-experience that feeling of impending sadness…

We’ll see how things go with Ibuki-sensei and Fuko next episode..

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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