Date A Live: Episode 11

Is it time for Shido’s date with Kotori yet?


Date A Live – Group Date Edition

Not So Brief Synopsis

After his visit of Origami at the hospital, Shido returns to Reine and the Vice-Captain for a briefing. The date will take place at an amusement / water park. In order to train, he is sent swimsuit shopping with Yoshino and Tohka. Origami, and those three girls from school happened to show up while they were there. Origami and Tohka take turns trying to impress Shido with their swimsuits. Vice-Captain, who was commentating, eventually declares Origami the winner.

Later on, Vice-Captain shows Shido some news footage from the fiery event that occured five years ago, when Kotori first got her powers. Shido notices something in the footage, but passes out before he can make sense of it.

Next up is the day of the date. Shido meet with Kotori… and Yoshino + Tohka. For some reason the geniuses at Ratatoskr thought it’d be a good idea to make it a group date. They proceed to have fun at the waterpark. There’s one moment where Kotori’s ribbons fell off and she asks Shido to get them while almost crying, but she regains composure once she gets the ribbons back. While they are eating lunch, it becomes apparent that Kotori isn’t having that much fun. She gets up and leaves.

Shido goes looking for her and overhears Kotori speaking with Reine, asking for more drugs to suppress the spirit within her. She mentions that she wants to enjoy her date with her big brother, because it might be the last time she gets a chance to be with him. Kotori returns to find that Tohka and Yoshino have gone to a log ride. Shido tells her to they are going to go to the amusement park, and after a remark by Kotori, tosses the Ratatoskr earpiece onto the ground.

The episode ends with Origami and her captain looking at an experimental AST suit that is supposedly strong enough to take down a spirit singlehandedly, followed by Origami watching footage of the rooftop fight and realizing that Kotori Itsuka was the flame spirit.

Date A Live Swimsuits.jpg

Favourite Moments

Vice-Captain, The Real MVP

Once again Vice-Captain is proving to be a great character in Date A Live, with several excellent moments in this episode. First off is his commentary of the swimsuit contest between Tohka and Origami. See, Shido’s reactions are exactly what you’d expect them to be – blushing and an inability to speak. But Vice-Captain, well, he knows what he’s about and isn’t afraid to offer some excellent commentary on what we see.

Vice-Captain goes for the “everything is excellent” approach, which works, although I think that he was a little off on some of the selections, like Origami in a black bikini which didn’t look that great. But in the end, his selection of Origami’s white one-piece bathing suit as the winner was the correct one, so he’s earned my respect.

Date A Live Origami Swimsuit.jpg

He’s also left in charge during the Kotori date, and you know what that means! When having to select something for Shido to say about Kotori’s swimsuit, Vice-Captain defies everyone else and selects Option 3, making Shido comment about how Kotori’s breasts fill out the top of her bikini. Of course everyone gets mad at Vice-Captain, putting him on the defensive:

“What is it?! What’s wrong, everyone?! What’s wrong with overflowing breasts?”
– Vice-Captain

That bastard, he has absolutely no self-control and I love it.
Although to be honest, this is probably the worst time to be messing around, considering Kotori might die or something like this because of the spirit within her.

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Other Thoughts

Well, no point in writing about what I’ve forgotten this episode, because I’ve forgotten it all. That said, it’s looking like my predictions that I made last episode are proceeding smoothly. With the end of this episode it’s fairly clear that Origami is going to steal that experimental AST suit and go after Kotori, interrupting her date with Shido. From there I’m sure Shido will do his thing and risk himself to save Kotori, and win her over that way.

All that said, my final hopes for the last episode are that I hope we get at least ONE more Vice-Captain moment before the end. It’s not often that he’s left in command, you know! We need to get what we can out of this rare opportunity, before Kotori ends up back in the captain’s chair.

Date A Live Vice Captain 2.jpg
Thanks, Vice-Captain. For everything.

In Conclusion…

While it’s crazy for me to think that next episode will already be the end of the first season, I can find solace in knowing that there are two more seasons after this one, as well as an OVA if I remember correctly.

Plus, I don’t remember anything at all from the next season, so this really isn’t the end by any means. It’s all fresh content going forward, which is great.

Vice-Captain, I put my trust in you for the next episode!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Date A Live: Episode 11

  1. Just coincidentally, I’m rewatching the first season, and I just finished this episode. I’d forgotten how vulnerable Kotori was; I’d forgotten how cool it was when Shido threw the earpiece away.

    “Plus, I don’t remember anything at all from the next season, so this really isn’t the end by any means. It’s all fresh content going forward, which is great.”

    It was actually hard for me to finish the second season; I don’t remember why. The third season with its reveals about Origami was fantastic.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying your reviews of this series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm maybe that’s part of why it wasn’t memorable to me then? I’m sure I’ll remember bits and pieces as I watch it though.

      And yeah, Kotori’s arc has turned out to be a great note to end the season on.

      Liked by 1 person

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